Sleep-in Party

Over this last Summer I ended up being a chaperon at a overnight lock-in party at the Y. There ended up being to many adults as chaperons so a few of us offered to leave. The 9 of us that decided to leave also decided to pick up some alcohol and go to the older wing of the Y and have our own party. My neighbor, Beth,said she would let us back in and went to the old wing to await our return. We went to the liquor store and bought as much beer and hard liquor as we could. When we returned we snuck in through the back and went to the old pool/sauna/whirlpool room. After a few hours of drinking someone proposed truth or dare and everyone agreed. At first it was a bit boring since everyone kept doing truth till one of the older women, Tina, decided to spice it up and picked dare. From that point it got more interesting since everyone wanted dares too. The dares also got more daring. Soon everyone was naked taking dares. Tina turned to me and asked truth or dare. I told her dare and she immediately dared me to **** her in front of everyone. I looked around and everyone was smiling and waiting. I did just that. For being in her mid 50's, she looked more like in her mid 30's, and ****** like a teenager. A while after that, I was dared to walk all the way to the door connecting to the new wing and ********** right at the door and cover the door handle. Just as I began ******* on the door handle I heard a lot of noise from where everyone was sitting. I quickly finished ******* as I turned to return to everyone but stopped just before the door to enter the room. I peeked around the door to find everyone involved in a huge ****. Unfortunately the men outnumbered the women, And there was no woman for me to join in with. I decided to just watch. Just then I heard Tina's voice calling out, I dare you to fill every hole in me. I turned to see her standing in the doorway. At the end of the night I ****** her in every hole.

While I only got to have sex with one woman that night, Beth had sex with everyone (men and women) that night, except with me. Every time I see her now I imagine that night and her ******* everyone and wish I could have had my turn.
Prowlr Prowlr
36-40, M
Jan 12, 2011