Being Gay At Walmart

I was sitting on my car waiting for my step mom to come out of the store at Walmart with my girlfriend and of course i was holding her hand. Well these Spanish people drive by start screaming you need God!!! and im like ok whatever thinking nothing of it. Well not even three minutes later did a woman walk by with her daughter whispering to her to not to go near us and im just so shocked rite now! So THEN not even 5 min after that these Jamaicans drive by us ( now mind you Jamaicans HATE gay people!) screaming at the top of there lungs how were "******* nasty" and "an abomination" and just all these horrible things! i was almost in tears. Like i couldnt belive that all this was happening so quick! All these people hated me and muh girlfriend! and then i realized how much true hate is in this world! A while after that I didn't hold hands in public or kiss or anything with pda. I was scared! so then about a month after that i started up again but i still am kind of antsy about it. Unless its in an environment i know people wont look at me strange or anything i dont do it. But sometimes you just gotta take the risk. I mean dont get me wrong i am very proud of who i am. Sometimes i just get scared is all. but idk tell me what you think. i mean gay people have rights to and we are in America so shouldnt we have a right to walk down the street with our girlfriend or boyfriend without somebody saying something?

ddkat13 ddkat13
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

I feel terible I think gay peaple have as much rights as anybody else. I might not be gay but you sound like a cool person.