Ya I Did

My sisters took me out at midnight before my birthday,  the earliest possible time that you are considered 21.  Heh, needless to say I didn't last real long.  People were buying me shot after shot.  3 of those shots was Rumplemints.  Egh, I never want to drink that stuff ever again!  My lost shot was a blow job.  That is pretty good and it went down smooth and easy.  Gee, I wonder why they call it that?  ;)  OK so I had 4 shots total and 1 beer.  That was it, I am embarrassed to say.  My one ex was there and he was sweet enough to hold my hair while I puked over the curb.  Good times.  I swore after that I would never drink again.  But... I did and still do.  However, I only got that drunk one other time when I did not realize how strong long island iced teas were.  Other than that, I do not drink enough to be puking.  Just not fun!  Anyways, that was my 21st. 
Valentine Valentine
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2007

Cool - wish I had sisters like that! Cheers!!

LOL That sucks. I didn't get that drunk. I went bar hopping with my dad. He wanted to show me around town and take me to all of his favorite spots. Everywhere we went we kept getting bar tenders who were all like. Hey! I've served to you Before! When we would ask for my free beer. Ha! Ha! my dad was shocked.

You are so naughty! Cheers!!