And I kinda ended up dancing on a table with a belly-dancer (under sufference) when work threw me a birthday party.
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**He giggles and blushes soooooooooo bad**

Hahahahahahaha yea dancing on the tables baby with strange women, you must have been drunk *she giggles*

HAHAHAHAHA pffffft not a chance, I was dating jrjh143 then, she didn't have a chance ;)

HAHAHAHA I am very surprised I didn't =P

HAHAHAHA still taller the giggles4488 and jrjh143 by a foot ;)

OMG. She was gonna cheat on her husband for you?!! You have your way with the ladies bro! :P heeehee

AND EXACTLY. You could have broken your leg or arm or face D:

6ft?!!!!!!!! *AHEM* I am 5ft something like 5'3ish I think >:(

Pfffffft she was married.... I spoke to her afterwards =P

HAHAHAHA very dangerous.

Nah not really. I am barely 6ft. =P

That belly dancer totally wanted you Reecey!!!

AND LMAO @ being on top of a table heheee

Where do you work? :O Your co-workers all look so naughty xD JKJK I am being silly..but seriously this totally made my day! Was your head touching the ceiling? You're tall :O

Yerp, as mortifying as it is =P

HAHAHAHA sure I do.

I didn't notice ;)

LMAO! hehee


If it look too cute up there! xP

And that belly dancer has a nice bod!