I've Learned A Lesson

I've just turned 21 las t week and I suffered the worst hangover ever! It was the day after my birthday I got hammered really hard. My mom got me a bottle of champaign as a birthday present. Before she got the champaign I drank two shots of Kansas distilled whiskey with Pepsi. It was really good stuff. It was when I drank three glasses of champaign I started to feel the effects of drunkeness. I couldn't feel my fingers and my face so for some reason I started slapping myself in the face. Everytime I went to the bathroom to pee I had to grab to the wall like a blind women so I wouldn't fall on my face.

The drunk part was fine, it was when I got the hangover I felt like ****. My body ached all over, my stomach felt like someone poured acid down my throat. I wanted to throw up all the time but, I kept on dryheaving. I couldn't go to sleep that night untill 7 in the morning. By then I slept half the day away.

Which makes me come to think of it. Why the hell would people want to feel this way? It just makes you feel like **** at the end of the day. After that day I've learned my lesson. I'm never going to drink that much again. 
PureEvil PureEvil
18-21, F
Nov 9, 2011