Certain Danger

That was the night I finished an entire tray of jello shots (gross) and a bottle of wine...and decided that rollerblading down a flight of stairs would be a good idea.  If it wasn't for my (to be) husband, I'm sure I would have spent the remainder of that night in the hospital instead of throwing up a lung for 3 hours.

What I forgot to tell the first time I wrote this was, as I was hugging that porcelain bowl, straining all of my chest muscles and breaking some blood vessels, I realized I was getting wet.  Yet, I thought my friend had (for some strange reason) turned the shower on.  What I found out the next morning was a ******* tornado had come through, sheets of pouring rain and sleet and hail....and his bathroom window was open.  I guess I was kind of drunk.

The consequences?  I ended up missing 3 days of classes because I couldn't speak (stomach acid had burned my entire throat), I could move because every muscle in my body ached and I had a hangover headache for a good 72 hours....Oh, it was fun.  Massive amounts of drunken fun!!

CuriosityKitten CuriosityKitten
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5 Responses Jul 6, 2008

I love that story. Any midnight, drunken, sexual escapades taking place in Wal-Mart are ALWAYS fun!!

I must here that story!!

Gotta love that feeling, huh?! ! The end of this story? That night, as I was throwing up, I missed a tornado that came through...yup...completely missed it.

Thanks, MB...it is one of my best stories!! LOL

I haven't drank like that since. And I'm now almost 31 years old. I learned my lesson in college!!