Even Though...

I'm not 21 for another couple months... I plan on replenishing my bar and getting drunk. I figured why put "plan to" when I know it's gonna happen, lol.

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That's crazy. Hell, when I was drinking, I would buy my own.

i have some friends who like to make everyone do shots with them and if you don't have any money they'll insist and buy them for you

People bought you drinks?!... Unfair!

i have only ever seen one ******** and he was a gay **** star in a gay club in nashville. not really my type and the crowd was way too huge. couldn't see a thing. i heard later that the guy ended up in jail for something or another :o<br />
<br />
but i did get drunk on my 21st. best bar in town, lotsa people there i knew. lotsa people buying me drinks. ahhh i liked that place. it was destroyed by a tornado about a year later :/


My real name sounds like a ********. I even joked around with a co-worker once when he was making fun of the profession. I told him with a straight face, "Don't laugh, I ******** part-time when I was a single mom" He believed me. He started to apologize when I said "Gotcha!"


I think a lot of us got bombed on our 21st birfday. It's just a given; a right of passage, unless one abstains (from alcohol). I know "i" did......family took me out and plied me with ******** and B52's......ugh. Ah....the memories though. :)<br />
Hope it's a great one....Happy Birfday in advance.....*hugs*

I have better looking friends than the strippers this club had.

Just focus below the neck and imagine her face looks like Angelina Jolie! Woo Hoo!

Lol... I wish... A butter face is tolerable....

Did the strippers have a "Butter Face?"<br />
<br />
Everything looked good butter face? LOL!


Well Dallas is like the ***** club capital of the world next to Vegas, obviously. Nekid girls everywhere.

Cool. We could use an influx around here. I went to a club when I was 18, and there was no fun in it.

Imma ship you a few from Dallas... they are current centerfolds.

You've never seen the strippers around here, have you? lol

Wow... you say no strippers.... dear God what is wrong with you!

Haha! Nah... I did the ******** thing on my 18th, lol.

Here Here!! You want me to send you a ******** for your b-day? Nothing goes better with turning 21 than alcohol and nekid girls. <br />
<br />
Its what I did on my 21st... actually I had a **** star.... but thats another story for another time.