Dry County, Alabama

I made the mistake of turning 21 in Alabama.  My birthday fell on a Sunday and in Alabama, it is illegal to purchase alcohol in some of its providences on a Sunday.  It was a strange birthday.  This bat had gotten into the dorm and terrorized many of the girl. lol. Someone decided to shyt on one of the bathroom stalls in the bathroom. lol.

That didn't stop me from trying to celebrate my birthday with some alcohol - this one Middle Eastern store owner even tried to exchange me some alcohol on the basis that i sleep with him. lol. I ain't never been that damned desperate to do anything.  It's just alcohol. 

Monday finally came and i skipped all of my classes on that day in order to pursue celebrating my birthday like a Greek.  I spent quite a few bucks and managed to stay drunk off and on from Monday to the following Sunday.  Tuesday - Friday i went to classes, but when i wasn't in class i was Pissy Drunk.

This one night i got so drunk with some friends, and we all were walking up the hill back to campus and fell right back down it.  I guess the weed we were smoking didn't help that much at all. lol.

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1 Response Aug 23, 2009

So juvy - there is a lot more to life than the way you spent yours. Your life is not very coordinated.<br />
Get a life!