My 21st

I was the last of my group of friends to turn 21, so obviously my birthday was a total rager. 

We sat down at 11 pm, an hour before I was officially 21, and drank 5 bottles of champagne.  Then we were going to our local bar which had a $1 beer night.  I realized that this could be a long night so I took off from work for the rest of the week. 

When I arrived at the bar, there were 15 of my closest friends in line to greet me.  Each of them had a shot and a beer.  One friend was kind enough to bring the black magic marker to prove I had my 21 shots. 

I took the first 5 shots and 5 beers like a champ but an hour into being 21 I started to feel crappy.  One friend brought me a shot of rail vodka and I spit it back on her, telling her I only liked the good stuff.  I made her buy me the final shot... Jagermeister. 

Needless to say after that I was wrecked.  I remember sitting in a booth and talking to some girl about exhibition baseball, and then I remember my ex-girlfriend calling to say happy 21st, and me calling her a *****. 

I arrived home and my buddies took off my shoes and put me to bed.  I woke up in the morning downstairs on my couch in my boxers and the house smelled terrible.  Turns out I projectile vomited (Exorcist  style) and my friends had to clean it up.  It was a crazy night, but the memories (or lack there of) will last a lifetime.
jvogelgwu jvogelgwu
Mar 16, 2006