I'm 5'4 and about 165lbs. My belly jiggles when I walk and sometimes my pants hurt my belly fat. And when I sit down it takes up half of my lap. I really noticed it the other day when my friend ran after our bus and I stopped after 25 feet wheezing and gasping for air. My skinny fit friend stopped and ran back to me and said " what's wrong" I said I had no idea and then I took my jacket off and she saw my potbelly heaving in and out. She grabbed a handful of my belly fat and said "this is why. I tried pulling away from her but she squeezed my fat in her hand and it was very painful so I stopped. She apologized but I kind of liked it for some reason. I kind of like that my belly limits me physically for some reason.
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I'm as big as you and everyone keeps telling me how fat I'm getting. I wish more people we're okay with fat chicks..

Would you like it if I force fed you until you were bursting and then gave you a nice belly rub?

I would love to feed you by hand and stuff your belly more and more... ;-)

Nice experience. I agree with you, to be fat brings certain limitations like it is difficult to run, but the positives outweigh such things. Among positives you can count ability to eat a lot more than your skinny friend.

Well having a soft belly is the best, it's like having your own soft pillow ^-^

I love it actually, especially when I got and lean into a table or bar and I feel it sink into my belly

Exactly! You can do so many things :o