I Got My Own Back!

It often happens, I sit down to watch a TV programme in the evening, ten minutes into it the phone rings, and yet another salesman tries to sell me something.

Recently a man was asking me if I would like a new conservatory, this particular person had phoned me three evenings already that week, feeling rather fed up with him I said "Yes, I am thinking of having one".  there followed a half hour of his well rehearsed sales talk.  Eventually we made an appointment.

Before saying goodbye I had to tell him that I was sorry but the lift was broken and he would have to use the stairs to get to my flat on the fifth floor.  Would you believe it - he swore at me and slammed down the phone!  He did not ring again after that.    He maintained that he was in my area at the time, if he was then he would have seen there are only houses here.

mahler mahler
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4 Responses May 1, 2008

My dad did this lol !!

Good for you mahler - YAY!

At least that salesman could say he tried!

lol love that good for you hunny, my hubby fits conservatories, and there company doesnt do that thankfully. <br />
there are a lot of window company struggling to get buisness at the moment, and so are going to horrible lengths to get work. <br />
they say its because of the problems with morgages im not to sure about that but anyway. <br />
i have had lorna ringing me and sending me leaflets constantly a day doesnt go by that i dont get something from them, and it doesnt seem to matter that i have told them that my husband is a window fitter the best one was when a guy turned up on my door from lorna to sell me windows, when my hubbys work van was on the drive, clearly advertising the fact that someone in the house fitted windows or we had someone else there doing work for us. <br />
but matie wouldnt have it he kept telling us how he could do better prices, and my hubby was like i get everything at trade and fit myself theres no way you can beat the cost. <br />
it was only when my hubby told him exactly how cheap he could get things that the man finerly gave up and ****** off, theres still sending me letters and calling me though lol.