Don't   you   just  hate   it   when  you   sit   down   to  eat   supper   and  somebody   says   congradulations    you   are   a   winner  and   then   they  want  to   hustle  you  want  you  to  buy   something.  I  say   thank  you   I  won   send  it  to  me.  Then   I  hang  up.  Heee    Heeee.

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i don't like them, we have a private number, ring at night my husband at work, just give me a bad feeling, answer the the phone it them people i do go off on them, they don't call any more, i know they can bug a person to dead,

When I get a call like that I say hang on a minet & leve a hand set on the table or where ever for 5 minets then they get fed up & hang up & dont bother me anymore lol

cool tv is good for something.

Owl, wow it was a near thing, he was so convincing. Its those TV programmes that made me be aware of this sort of thing.

Oh Blugrass, you were getting ripped off.I told a guy on the phone ,who ask for my customer info..."If you're who you say you are then that should be on your computer screen. " He hung upon me. A crook for sure !

I Hate them avoid them like the plague.

They always call at a bad time. Well any call from them is bad. I got a call from British Gas, guy wanted my bank details and so forth. I said you already have these as I pay direct debit. He still wanted them. I said I do not know who you are! And so on- very aggressive salesman but he failed to sell.<br />

I hang up to. Someone told me If they don't here anything after they say hello it's a recording so I hang up.

that is so annoying. as soon as i hear that i hang up.

9 pm ,phone rings.Telemarketers and it's a freaking recording.Not a real person.They are more annoying cuz I can't vent on them.:(

I love it those people are so annoying and I hate telemarketers. I'm sorry but I wish they would leave me alone.

I heard one of those<br />
The telemarketer called and he acted like he was a police chief and they were in the middle of a murder investigation.<br />
They made the telemarketer into to the prime suspect.<br />
Wouldn't let him hang up. That was so funny. lol

Too funny!!! A couple of the DJ's in my hometown do reverse prank call. When a TM calls their home they have it fixed to record the calls. They become all of these wild characters and torment the TM until they finally hang up!!! THEY ARE HILARIOUS!!!

I love that I will use that next time they call thanks Blue Georgia.

When I see that it is a telemarketer on my caller Id, I always answer. Whitfield County Police Dept, How can I help you.<br />
They usually never call back.

I hate that wish they would get a different job if I want what they sell I'll go by it.

I hate those myself. Usually it si youhave won a trip to ourresort but there is a catch you have to take a 4 hour boring tour of the facility. "OK!!! Whatever if I want to explore your facilty I will do it on my own and let you know if it is a good place or not. I don't need a tour."

good on you!