Felt Up Strangers While In Public

I’ve only felt up a couple of women publicly that I didn’t know.  I’m very lucky neither complained nor stopped my advances.  One was on a short public transit bus trip (she left with a wet spot on her white jeans) and the other was on a cross state bus trip, where I offered her a warm cover while she slept? It looked a little funny in September, but since I partially removed most of her clothes it was better people guessed at what we were doing than to know.

Next time you are in public and feel your nipples getting hard because someone is feeling up your ***… I might say hello.
Larrybimm Larrybimm
46-50, M
4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

You can fondle me anytime

If you recognize me, give them a gentle twist so the stand out a littlle:)

I’m not an expert on women’s needs. I just got very lucky and I’m thankful.

Mmm..I hope that someone is me!