My Wife Was Felt-up By......

a friend of our older son. It happened during a soccer tournament when our team was staying at a hotel. Susan, my wife, has known this young man for many years, as he is a very good friend of our son and has been coming to our home for many years. He and our son play on the same soccer team. So it's pretty clear that this young man has had his eye on Susan for some time, and the soccer tournament gave him an opportunity to act on his desires.
The incident occurred as Mike, my son's friend, was talking with my wife during an after-game celebration back at the hotel in the lounge area. My wife and he talked quite casually, as they have known each other for so long. When my wife went to get a drink at the bar, he followed her, and when they were in a semi-private area away from the team, he came behind Susan. To her great surprise, Susan next felt him close behind her and felt him reaching around her, his hand cupping her breast through her top. Susan was wearing a white sleeveless cotton top and bra -- nothing special -- just the "usual" attire of the soccer moms at the games. From what Susan told me, she was so surprised by Mike's actions that she didn't respond immediately. Mike continued to squeeze her breast. I wish I had been there to observe ! This would have been quite interesting to witness !
Eventually, Susan had to ask Mike to stop, as this was inappropriate for a young man of 15 to do to her. Mike did stop, afraid of what my wife would do if he continued. But my wife assured him that she understood his desire to feel a woman's breast, even if it was through her clothes, and that in a way she was flattered. Susan then suggested that they just go back to the celebration and not say anything more about this. And so, it was over. And our son's friend Mike has the memory of feeling up my wife.
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Any updtae - did mike get a feel again - be great if he got more!

Yes, this might be possible to set up, and I would definitely like to get a chance to watch this time ! The young man, Mike, often comes over to our home after school -- I'll see if Susan is 'game' to have him feel her up again.

it would be nice to have him come around when its warm and she wears less...maybe a pool party, or beach?

This happened last september 2010 -- the end of the summer soccer season. My son and Mike continue to play on this county soccer team together, so Susan still sees him at games.