The guys next door here have to vacate the villa by eight on Saturday, so instead of having a party tonight, Friday, they had a party last night. Caroline and I were invited.

Now, they have made some friends, and had a few people over so we weren't quite sure what to expect. For the most part they haven't seen us dressed while we have been here so we both decided not to be dressed to go to their party!

We went next door late, there were already a few there, both guys and girls by the time we opened the gate at the bottom of the garden and walked in, completely naked!

Now the guys actually looked amazed when they saw us, but they must have talked about us to their friends, as lesbians, because, yes we got looks from the guys but some of the girls were very engaged.

We went and got drinks from inside, where really a melee was present around the bar table, and it was while there I felt this hand on my ***. It wasn't Caroline! But the hand brushed down a leg, and as I stood my legs slightly apart it went straight up in between them to my p-us-sy! I knew I was very wet, but I didn't turn around because I heard the words; "Open for business!"

I was quite scared but also quite turned on. It was a mans voice and he was Dutch. Caroline led me back outside, and we began dancing to the music playing.
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So with is hand on your wet ***** I am sure that he pumped a couple of fingers in you to see if you were ready for his **** huh? Your ***** did not get wet by itself so you must have had the idea of getting some hard **** inside you? Did you let his friends join in and take a **** both in your *** and another in your ****? After they both shot their *** loads into you did you let his girlfriend eat out your double ********? Sounds like you have this happen as much as you can huh!

Tell us more....

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wow .. and that's all happened?

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