I Squirted.....

I love to dress up and meeting new people. This particular night I was really hot and bothered. I looked over my mate who was already asleep by 7 PM. He wanted me to go to sleep but I couldn’t so I got up and got dressed. I decided on a short black dress. I decided on this particular French cut bra that showed off the lace and the cleavage so well with the low cut dress it was perfect  giving it the look of wanting to play and underneath I just but on a lacy thong. The dress was not long but just about the knees…I knew I wanted some kind of adventure just not sure what it would be….

As I drive along I see this bar decide it looks interesting so I walk in.. Little did I know I was going to see some of my friend’s. Especially this particular guy we both were attracted to each other but never really done anything before… as the night went along we seemed to be pushed into each other. We looked into each others eye, I could see the desire just building between us… our bodies where just molding to each other for it was really crowd. We both have been drinking so that only helped the heat built up. Next thing I know I just kissed him, a kiss that said I want more. I used my hands to cup the back of his neck to pull him closer. I reacted to the kiss stronger than expected and so did he. I felt his hands on my lower back. As we started making out, his kisses were powerful. He kept one hand just above my *** however, the second one had moved to under my dress. I felt it go up my thigh and between my legs. I welcomed him I spread my legs to let him do as he wished. He did not take him twice to realize what I had just done. By than I was dripping of hot liquid I knew I wanted him and wanted him badly. He slowly started messaging my **** over my thong and I knew I was starting to drip down my legs… than slowly he moved it out of the way, he wanted the prize and I wanted him to take it. Nobody can see what we were doing expect him and I. He never moved his hand from the back of my *** he just used it to push me forward into his fingers. Slowly he started to enter me. I felt my ***** just tighten when he entered me. Next thing I know he had two or three of his fingers inside of me. It was such a thrill to know that here in the middle of everyone… I was being pleased. I placed my hands on his crotch and slowly starting messaging him from the outside… I could feel him thicken and that aroused me even more. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but knew that my body was reacting to his touch. As he went in and out with his finger but than his thumb played a big role. Some how he used it to play with my ****… his hands had over powered me by than my legs where starting to shake. He pushed me between his legs and I used his thighs for support… I know I could hear myself moan but because I have had public sex, he would be the only one able to hear it. I knew he loved the sounds of it for I felt his **** just thicken even more… I could feel my hot juices dripping down my legs… as I got closer I realized I was going to squirt and that was not going to be a good scene but I just did not care… I had not squirted in such a long time I was welcoming it…. I kissed him right there and than and I releases my desires… I was right I caused a puddle but that only end up thrilling him even more.. so we decided to take it somewhere else, I wanted to give him what he had given me back… the funny part is nobody noticed what we were doing till someone in the parking lot asked me what I spilled on my dress and what happened to his pants… I just started laughing…
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What bar did you say this was you hang out at...?

you dirty girl lol i would have licked you clean before parting company xx

Wow you gorgeous hot **** - I think you are amazing!!

I adore a lady who squirts ! i love to have my hands, my face, and my **** squirted on ! it is such an awesome intimate sensual thing ! and its hot too ! growl you are awesome baby !

WOW, it must have been so hot to gush all over him. Great story!

f*** ya

My hubby might not be interested but others are.... and I am single now... so now many get to enjoy what I truely am...

You are masterful at writing your erotic experiences. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand of your words seems to be worth an ******! ;)

Oh wow! I have just recently learned to squirt and make puddles, so I can feel your pain over leaving a puddle on the bar floor. What I find hard to believe is that no one in the bar noticed-- I'm surprised that your gushing didn't splatter anyone else standing near the two of you. Well, anyway, hot, hot story.... fantasy fodder for sure.

wow....so sexy. i love when a woman squirts

Thank you and I love it when a man knows how to get me to squirt for there is some no matter what they need help....and I rather have someone with experience

I would love to help a woman squirt...its never happened for me...but squirting or not...i'm very thick after reading your story! What a great night!

how awsome to be able to squirt, only met a couple of ladies that could squirt.

OOHHH!!! He got his prize and made sure that his pipes where not backed up....It was a night to remember it continued on for a few months....

great story as always, did he get a pay back, or just stayed horny and stiff?

and patiences to discover what are your trigger spots....

You know Msshelly.. and it takes someone who knows how to make it happen....