I Got Fingered By A Stranger In A Bar.

Me and hubby went to a new pub last night and he was chatting to his friend while I was chatting to quite a sexy guy in the corner. I was facing him with the rest of the pub behind me. I noticed he kept letting his eyes go up and down my body. After a few drinks I felt quite horny and found myself asking if he liked what he saw, his eyes lit up and he said "Oh yes" I asked if he would like to feel and the next thing his one hand was up my That was so erotic!! I told my hubby about it when we went home, it made him so horny he couldn't stop ******* me! what he doesn't know is that I gave my sexy stranger my phone no....

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mmmm...nice.....Did you *** on his finger so he could taste you?

thats hot have you called him yet? add me ok?

naughty girl,I,m a little more to the oral side but when you start to quiver just before the
shake got to get a grip on you cause the knees give out. That's a dead give away only done it 3 times in 20yrs but got a number 3 times and about 6 times. Want to try?

I love this---I use to have lover who liked me to be her master----I would take her to bars and if I saw a guy looking at her I would tell him to reach up her dress of skirt and finger her and if we were able to be in a corner I would lift her skirt or dress and let them see-----------and some times I would tell her to feel his ****---please add me so I can see your photos.--I am goingto read your other stories now

Great story!

That is so hot. Please add mye as a friend , I love reading your stories

sounds like such a fun night for both

So the next time the finger will be thicker and longer and will shoot warm goo in you then if he a gentleman he will lick you clean can Ihave the number to please

add me pls

i'd love to hear more of this hot story well told fantastic

thanks sexiwife would love to see pics of the end result

what would you do if your hubby is cheating you with another girl

I love this type of thing it is so sexy, I got married 3 years ago when I was 22 and I told my wife that it

is OK for her to see or have sex with any man she wants, I encourage her to do it when we are out.

I love to see other guys looking and touching her it really turns me on and knowing that they will soon

be ******* her and I wont be is a total turn on.

I know she has ****** at least 10 guys in her office this year and many others she has met out

at places she goes she is so sexi and has an amazing body, guys just go for her.

I love knowing my wife is a ****.

Very hot. Are you going to take the next step?

I love your story but don't be afraid to give more detail!

What a nice erotic experience.

yes pls darl

wow you are awesome..I just came over y hand reading your story..WOW

ur one fine **** wife ur storie gave me a hard on

keep me posted you are a hum-dinger my friend.

horny ! have fun ;-)

hahaha the best thing came in the end.. lovely girl..

sorry guys and girls! she hasn't been here since April!

I bet your love juice just keeps flowing out of your ***** as someone runs their hand up your thigh I would love too,your a turn on.

i often go in a bar and wear a long slit front dress and its obvious i dont have knickers on

i have in the past helped a remarke to develop in to well only one way to find out and have had a few brave guys slip a hand inside and then u feel the finger push gently in

mmm its exciteing if at a bar in that sort of dress its easy to hide whats going on and add to the fun

esp if he is good and i get so wet

but once a girl took the offer mmm it was nice but it stopped there or i may just have tried work for the same team mmm


I bet your knickers are wet thinking about being in that bar again.

I love it also, and it shows... lol



Wow, so hot...and naughty too :D

Keep me posted, gorgeous

You both are great