Fingered By Another Woman

My wife and her friends from work went out this past saturday night like they do from time to time, and my wife always dresses sexy and sluty. this time she wore a white mini dress with no bra that you can see her nipples and sexy black thong panties. The mini dress came to just the bottom of her *** cheeks, and if you get lucky you can see her camel toe, she loves to show her camel toe, and I have to say I don't blame her, she has the best camel toe I've ever seen.

They went to a bar for drinks and to dance, and while my wife was at the bar drinking her drink she noticed a very beautiful woman looking at her, my wife has been with woman before and I have seen her with her sister and some of her friends, OMG it's great watching my wife with another woman. Anyway back to the story, after about a half hour my wife told me that someone bought her a drink, It was that woman. so my wife went over to her and thanked her for the drink and they started talking, the womans name was Pam, Pam asked my wife if she wanted to dance and she said yes. So they went to the dance floor and danced for 3 or 4 songs, my wife said. Then they went back to the bar to drink some more. Pam told my wife that she is very beautiful , and my wife said thank you and so was she. after a few more drinks Pam started to touch my wifes *** and told her how sexy she looked , with that my wife again said thank you, my wife told me she was enjoying the woman's touch and it was maing her ***** so wet.

Then Pam but her hand under my wifes dress to feel her *****, and and said OMG your ***** is so wet, and and started to rub it , Pam also commented on her camel toe, she said she wished she had one like my wifes. And My wife thanked her again between moans. Pams asked her would she like to see her camel toe and my wife said yes, so they went to the other room where there a sofas. and Pam sat down and brang her dress up to show my wife her pantied covered *****, my wife said it was very nice, Then my wife reached down to feel Pams *****, then she went ever further she started to lick her ***** thru Pams panties. Pams was moaning and pulled her panties to the side so my wife could get to her ***** better. Then My wife started to finger Pam while she was eating her *****. GOD wish I was there to see it, But I wasn't. While my wife was doing Pam she told me she felt another pair of hands on her ***, then she felt a pair of lips kiss her *** and *****. Them in one quick move the person pulled down my wifes panties and started to finger her *****, they started with One finger then worked there way to 3 fingers. Then she felt another hand by her ******* and which was wet from the person behind her licking it.

Then she felt a finger enter her *******, she told me she was in heaven. This went on for about 30 minutes when Pam started to *** in my wifes mouth and at the same time my wife started to *** also. When it was all over my wife looked behind her to see who it was that made her feel so great, and it was her 2 gril friends from work. They all got up and went back to the bar and everyone was cheering them for a great show.

Before my wife and her friends left She gave Pam a great big french kiss and her wet panties, Pam returned the kiss and gave my wife her phone number, As they where leaving, Pam Called to my wife, and she turned around to see what she wanted, When she did she say Pam stand up and remove her panties and gave them to my wife.

I can't wait for my wife to call Pam so I can watch them make love too.

sissyjohn sissyjohn 46-50, M 20 Responses Dec 24, 2009

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lucky did you clean your wife ***** after all and Pam too ,.luckygirl i are

Very sexy story tell us more about your wife and her sister pppllleeeaaassseee

Very erotic story. It is so sensual to watch women making love.

Awesome hot story. Hope you got to enjoy a good show watching the 2 of them.


That is sooooo hot I wish I was there too. I would have loved tobea *********

I would love to have. Had a three-way with you and your wife.

I would love to see that too.

You and your wife sound like a fun couple!

Did she allow you to wear Pam's panties after she was done with them?

that is a hot story, I wish I was there

LUV it! Wish that would happen to me!

very hot

WOW, would have loved to have been in that bar that night!

I am a straight married woman but this story made me hot..... I would love to meet your wife, I will get myself off tonight imagining she is going down on my *****.

I am too!! Just not married...LOL But I'm awfully horny thinking about SpankMe having your wife go down her....How about all 4 of us getting together?!

i would have enjoyed the the story if your wife had a bra on and was carrying her money in it and then got together with the other woman. the story i still enjoyed. write more.

Obviously you guys swing both ways. Great story.

Very sexy story.I also like to watch women going at it.

Lovely story. Very horny.

what a sexy story! it made my **** hard! i would have loved to see pam, feeling up your wife! really would have enjoyed seeing all of the fun, in the other room, as all four got with it! your wife is the type of woman, that wet dreams are made of! thanks for a very hot story!