Airplane Experience

Hi all, wife here, sharing a story about what happened to us recently on a plane trip.

We always fly first class, we can afford it and we just hate having to deal with the lack of space in coach. Anyways hubby and I sometimes meet interesting people on our trips if we sit next to someone or if someone is across from us. The plane we were on was huge, it had 3 seats in the center and 2 seats on the sides of each isle by the windows and that was just in first class, in coach there were tons of seats. Anyways I sat in the middle, hubby on my right, and a professional looking gentleman on my left.

We tend to always look our best and we know it sometimes looks like we are the 1% but that's only because we love looking smart and sexy and it is essential to our professions to always look professional. Anyways I was wearing something that showed a little bit of my cleavage and I had a beautiful necklace on that dipped in between my breasts just barely. I had makeup on and earrings as well as bracelets and rings of course. The crazy thing about what happened was the man on my left barely spoke to us and yet he would constantly put his hand on my arm and hand when I had my arm on the armrest when he was not using it. Eventually I realized even before my man did that this guy was doing it on purpose. I started to let him put his hand on my hand and hubby recognized my signals to him that the guy next to me was making moves. My man on my right put his hand under my outfit, which was basically a dress but not restricting when walking or sitting, and he started to rub the underside of my thigh. Hubby had a blanket on as he had been sleeping earlier on the flight and so I reached under and massaged his groin since we were both getting aroused.

There is no way the guy next to us knew what we were doing, and he surprised me by slowly and discreetly moving my hand towards his leg as though his elbow were accidentally rubbing and moving my hand as he was trying to adjust his arm on the end of the arm rest. Eventually he got my hand to be resting on his leg and I squeezed it. When he looked at me, without any surprise on his face, I gently bit my lip and lowered my chin and looked at his eyes to get him riled up. Being in the middle seat it was hard for anyone to really see what was going on in my lap, so the guy next to me, while I was rubbing his leg and still rubbing hubby's hardness in his pants, moved his hand over the arm rest and rested his hand on my leg. This man was much taller than me or hubby and his hands were quite large. He was athletic build and bald but his hands were very very big which I liked.

Here's a tip for situations where there is mutual touching - the one who touches less can have the most control. So I let him slide my dress/outfit up a bit until he could slide his hand underneath. Hubby was pretending to sleep at this time while watching the guy start to rub my leg and go up closer and closer to my favorite place. My man unzipped his pants under the blanket and I started to ********** him full-on under his blanket while the man next to me was just starting to rub my ***** and I was rubbing his leg just barely. The more I rubbed his leg the more I could get him to move closer and start fingering me (I don't usually wear panties in case you haven't noticed). I had to be careful not to let my jewelry on my hand make a lot of noise under hubby's blanket while I jerked him off, and I had to also concentrate on my other hand rubbing the guy's leg.

Eventually he got to actually inserting a finger in me, he wasn't that good at fingering me but to be honest hubby and I have a lot of really good experience so we can be harsh critics, but truth be told I was wet and did enjoy it. When he started fingering me really hard, like roughly pushing his fingers in me to the point where it hurt really good, I couldn't resist so I moved his blanket over his lap more and undid his fly and reached in and explored and felt his hard **** in his pants. At that point hubby came but of course he was still hard so I kept rubbing even though my hand and jewelry were covered in thick layers of ***. I pretended to be quietly moaning for the guy so he would get a kick out of it but eventually the food carts came by and we had to stop, but the guy surprisingly slid his hand under the armrest and kept rubbing my leg with his wet fingers while we ordered our food. Right after that I pretended to get something from my bag by hubby's feet and so I moved my hand from under hubby's blanket and licked up all the *** from my fingers and palm and wrist and tried to lick my jewelry clean and then used some sanitizing wipes and sanitizer hand cream to clean my hands up. I could still feel the slipperyness of the *** on the underside of all my jewelry on my fingers and my bracelet on my wrist but that was ok as long as it wasn't noticeable.

The guy was still rubbing my leg the whole time and when I sat back up I adjusted my bra for him so he could see further down my chest. When we were at a layaway every one in the seats across from us that could possibly see us left and when we took off again just as the plane was taking off and everyone including staff were seated, the guy started fingering me faster and he suddenly rubbed my chest with his hand that was wet with my ***** juices and he felt and reached down into my top and squeezed my breast closes to him. I was surprised and turned on but I had my hand in his pants again by that time and didn't want him groping me as it was getting tiring, so as the plane started to lift off the ground I leaned down and asked if I could rest my head on his lap and without waiting for a reply I want under his blanket and took out his **** from the fly and put it in my mouth. He, now having access to my ***** from behind me as I was leaning over on him on my side, he reached and pulled my dress up over my *** and started fingering my ******* AND ***** with his hand while he kept his hand on my head under the blanket. Hubby was asleep but of course he would have loved to see this.

Just as the plane was leveling out in the air and the noise of liftoff was starting to fade the guy came in my throat and as I felt the first shot of *** I shoved my mouth down on his **** and felt his balls on by bottom lip and chin and partly on my right cheek, he was trimmed down there but there were some stray hairs that tickled. His **** was pretty big maybe 7-8 inches a good size. So he came in my throat and I swallowed it all but a little bit was on my lip so when he let go of my head, not that I minded, I sat up and he saw the little bit of *** on my lip right away and I licked it up with a devilish grin. I did ****** while he came in my throat and he was fingering my *** so hard without any lube. Since it was during takeoff it excited me a lot and it was a really unique experience.

I should mention the guy didn't make a move for several hours when we first got on the flight probably because he didn't think about what happened being an option. We chatted a tiny bit after we finished but it was just friendly chat about work and things and a little flirting but not much, then we exchanged business cards and he took a nap. Later on I got hubby to be in the bathroom with me and I told him everything and he got excited again. We had only another hour and a half till we landed by then so I let hubby take out his **** and I sucked it and licked it really good for him until I sat on the toilet seat with the cover down and aimed his **** down my dress between my breasts, deep down though so no one could see it. I jerked him and licked the shaft of his huge and lovely **** and told him about what happened while he was asleep and he came directly between my breasts all the way shooting at my belly button and even my thigh a bit. His *** was a lot and I cleaned up a little bit of it before we got out again to sit down because I didn't want any stains to seep through the material, but for the most part I let it mostly stay on my skin under the dress and a lot of it was in my bra around my breasts. I let it drip down to between my legs and over my ***** and it felt great. When we got up it was all dry and we went to our hotel where we have another story to tell ;)

Hope you liked it! This is the first time I've written on here and I don't know how I compare to my man but thanks for reading.
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great story
love if I were there instead of him and would do all the activities and many more for u

Oh really?

I love to do that
she is so sexy and really love it

awesome story and hot gorgeous wife


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You have a great story, and seems like everyone left the flight very happy! Thanks for sharing.

It's an amazing experience and I love to see you once ,, where ever you are

Haha thank you, and indeed wherever I may be ;)

Very hot steamy story babe ! well written and very lust inspiring ! mmmmmm
would love to see pics of you in action ! damn !

Love this story just going to check any others but please keep writing they are good to read!

I want to be next!!!

hot story babes

Thanks, hun :)

you had me off my seat ,i would love 2 hear more

Awesome. You ned to write more

I know, I want to write more

Id like to hear more too

Maybe when I get back from work if I'm not super sleepy

I look forward to that. Xx

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Umm... your husband should give up the keyboard permanently to you!... Great re-tell of a great experience. Bill in Va.

Haha! Thanks (: I try

awesome story

Damn I worked for a major airline and this never ever happened to me.