Well Sorta...

It was a couple of days ago when they came but they still look beautiful! MnM sent them to me as a pre-valentine pick-me-up and I was totally surprised. They are so SO pretty and smell just absolutely delicious! Roses in the middle surrounded by babies breath then carnations and finally a little green weaved in. I don't have the actual picture but here's what they looked like on the FTD site... OH but I took the bow and wrapped the entire thing in the gold material they came with.

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5 Responses Feb 11, 2009

He is a sweetie! Oh gotta tell ya what I had made for him. I took the cutest pic of us and had it put on one of those mugs that looks black until you put the hot drink into it. He drinks like three pots a day so it will so come in handy and as long as it's hot he can see us smooching! *giggles* Too cute!

How beautiful and wonderful!

*blushing* aawww ggeezzz marji

*wink* u'r too cute darlin'... Love ya, you know

OMG they still smell so YUMMY! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!