One great perk about working for a really big company is the freebies that come in. Of course we've cut back, as most have, with people getting laid off and pay freezes and such, not to many fun things left. They cancelled the holiday party and summer parties and lots of other stuff, which is kinda sad but just a thing I guess.

Anyways what they didn't cut back on is our great seats at various sporting events. It was nice when they came to me yesterday and asked if I wanted to attend one of the season opener baseball games. Free parking, great seats and my children are gonna LOVE it! Six tickets too so they can bring a friend if they choose. The only warning we were given is watch out for flying balls *giggles*.

Oh and in April we are also getting a free night at Universal, which should also be a blast! Not sure how that came about with all the cut backs but I'll take it.

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crap gotta add that to my outlook... he'll flip on that too<br />
<br />
I wonder if I can take a camera today? Do I need a ticket for the baby?

I think little man is gonna LOVE it!