I Won Tickets...

...off the radio to my first concert. It was last year in May. I saw Black Stone Cherry, Hinder, Theory Of A Deadman & 3 Doors Down. It was great. Black Stone Cherry was first.
They were running and jumping up and down on stage. Their drummer was amazing. Theory came out next. When I saw Tyler, the lead singer, walk out on stage I completely fell in love with him. The way he carries himself is so sexy.
I finally understood what people meant when they said their attracted to someone's confidence. His swagger walking out onto the stage made me want to melt. They did a lot of songs off of their current cd and one old song. Hinder came out next. They got everyone excited.
Hinder was better than I expected. They got the crowd into their songs telling them what parts to sing when he says something. A lot of girls threw their bras and panties on stage. One of the guitarists sniffed one of the bras. They did a mix of new and old songs.
They really blew me away with how great they performed. I bought one of their shirts when the concert finished and a few days later bought both of their cds. Finally it was time for 3 Doors Down. They were amazing. They have so many great songs and had the crowd singing to everyone of them. After each song Brad, the lead singer, would say thank you and call the crowd his friends. I thought that was so cute. When they came back to do an encore Brad played the drums on "Kryptonite" for awhile. It was a great concert. I was very lucky to see four of my favorite bands for my first concert.
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Aweome first concert story.