Back Stage Passes

1979, I had plans to see Triumph in concert. I'd had a really ****** day at work then got stuck in heavy traffic on the way to the show. I smoked a few joints in the car on the way and got to the concert late. When I got inside the lights were all out except for those on the stage and I couldn't find my seat so I leaned against the wall at the back of the auditorium and lit up another one. I passed the joint to a stranger standing beside me who said "you look really pissed off man...". I replied that I was pissed, I'd arrived late, couldn't find my seat, and had completely missed the opening band. He said "bummer! I'm in the opening band, let's go backstage and party!". Being the stoner I was I had  an ounce of pretty good pot and an eighth oz. of coke. He introduced me to his band mates and we had a good 'ol time. I won't mention the band's name, but you've heard of them. After the show the members of Triumph joined us and we partied into the wee hours of the morning. They gave me 2 back stage passes for their show the next night and asked me to score for them as they were thousands of miles from home and I agreed. They wrote me an out of state check and the next night I returned with a girlfriend in tow and the stash they'd requested. This time I saw the entire show, then we partied all night long, their treat this time.

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Completely unexpected results...

AWESOME!! nights like that are fun, starts off bad then out of no where things just seem to work out.