...so I Am Sorting It

i've not been on for a while and i was intending to send all my friends here on EP a general greetings card to let you all know i have missed you while i've been away...

...just as a stop-gap till i can get round to catching up with everyone more personally

...which is when i realized that my "circle of friends" does not, at the moment, contain a list of all my friends here   

now i concede it is very likely just me ...but have you checked your list of 'friends' against 'fans', 'gurus', gurees', etc?  on my page, only those tagged as 'favorites' show as friends (or something like that) and i have no idea how this has happened:  ok, i have a guess ~

 ~~clearly, i must have clicked or not-clicked a vital something

 ~~i again refer you to my "i am thick" group

and i am sorry if i have made even one friend, however well we know each other, or not so well, quite possibly, given the current state of my circle...  sorry if i have given the impression of having forgotten you:  i have not!!!


                               HUMAN ERROR


i don't take friendship lightly ...even if it is sometimes some time between catchings-up

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6 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Hey, I may not show up often, but you know where i am!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL.....<br />
sittin on my computer.....................<br />
Talking to u.........probablyHHAAAAHA!!<br />
(thats not human error)

I had the same problem, I am happy to hear that I am not the only one.

That's great to hear! I hope he keeps improving. <br />
<br />
I've been holding my own the past while.. sometimes just barely, but holding anyways, lol. xxx

Dee, darling! Thank you! I have missed you too ...have been thinking of you tho! Oh, and I have to say a huge thank-you for all your recent support: I know that you will be glad to know that my father is slowly improving and is off the ventilator for a little while each day :)<br />
Hope all is well with you! xxx

It's so nice to see you back!! I've missed you :) How is your dad doing? Hope things are going better. And I hope you've managed to take care of yourself thru all this. Big ((((Hugs)))) and happy vibes to you, my friend :)

Oh, thanks for that! I'm glad (in a way) that it is not just me being really stupid; also, very glad if reading this helps anyone else notice that their circle is not quite as they might wish it to be. It can be hurtful if someone feels seemingly ignored and it is horrible to accidentally ignore someone, don't you think? <br />
Have a lovely day, too! :)