I've Taken a Few Breaks

Life calls, issues happen. I have to take breaks from EP. When I come back, some drama happens and either people have deleted profiles and came back or I haven't messaged them in a while. So I'm a few friends less and...well...

I'm getting tired of it. I just came back from a funeral and a lot of things happened. My perspective has changed a bit at the moment, reasonably. I don't even want to know why people add me then remove me or forget. It's just not on my list of priorities right now with things going on...

Just know this, if you were a friend, you're always a friend. I don't need a status online to show that. If I had grown close to you and life separates us, I will always care for you just the same. A friend is someone who was kind enough to stop and open the door to their life and heart and allowed me to do the same. "Friend" status and "circles" are just there for show to me. It means little to real friendship.

That being said...I do run through my list of friends and check up on you on occasion (it's not as much as I want it to be but I really try). I might not leave a note but you are always in my thoughts. Someone is out there that does care about you in a genuine friendship. I know I don't have the answers to everything. I know sometimes I don't have any good advice. But I do care deeply for you, friend lists or not.

Um...thanks for listening.

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
12 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Eeee heee heee! I love Miss Yvonne and her bosom purse, lol! She had so much stuff stored in there! Nice of you to tip your hat, such a gentleman! : D

Aw Tekk...I'll always be your Cowboy Curtis if You'll be my Miss Yvonne :-P

Oh no! Well I hope the move went smoothly. I've moved more times than a gypsy in the past five years so I know how time consuming that is!

i agree with you tekkamki, i lost some friends in the mist of my moving into a new house and redoing my house. i was gone for 4 months around and my life started to balance out where i can breath again. i sign on and most of my friends are gone :(. sad

awww...cuddles for Carrot! Pwweee!!<br />
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Hello GottaBhappy, I agree it's quality over quantity. I don't think that friendship should have an expiration date.<br />
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And Hi Flourlady! : )

I hope so Flourlady, thanks for writing to me ... nearing fifty means I'm on the backside .... But I can live with that life, as long as it helped, I don't mind the spot I'm in, wherever it is. I've got a clue, I think ;) ... and I think I willl move on today ... bonus ...

i wouldnt worry about them youll have plenty more!

I try not to comment too much, or to stupidly, but you summed up a tough topic very well. Having friends numbers shouldn't be the important thing, it's the quality of the friendship! A public school friend out of the blue found my phone number, shot the latest at me for a few minutes, then told me what was on their mind. Just like thirty years ago. I was thanked for listening, Told I'm in her thoughts, I might not ever hear from them again if everything goes well in their life. I can live with that ... :)

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; )

Oh I agree! You know, you were the person that convinced me to stay on EP. : ) I do think of you as well! (((((Hugs back!)))

And thank you for your friendship. ^_^ <br />
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Thank you :) ((((((Tekkamaki))))))