Yes I Have Been

yes I have been ****** at work.And every place I have worked.But my Favorite thing to do at work is give blow jobs.I give at least one a day.All the guys know if they come in to my office and shut the door and I will get right down on my knees.the guys do tell me that I make coming to work fun.some days I have done six.Do I ever Love my job.and no I'm not in H.R.but yes I am a boss. I don't know why people don't find work fun....
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2012

you sound like a ****

I agree with the rest of the people here. Ever work needs some sex,where it be oral,anal,or missonary,or even doggy.Where it is a boss above you or one of your coworkers. They are all lucky to have you as a lover. I hope all the guys that get blow jobs from you keep you happy all day long. Has any of the blow jobs lead to having your ***** pounded

They are very lucky to get what they want from their sexy boss

A happy workforce is a productive work force so your personal services to men workers must be appreciated.

where do i apply