Ended Up Accidentally ******* In Front Of A Lot Of People

One of the strangest and accidental sex sessions I've ever had was thanks to my excebitionist ex-fiance.

For a while she got into stripping and ************ on webcam for a few friends of ours. I loved other people getting off to her, and encouraged it. She also loved watching **** and getting herself off though, so I would often walk in on her fingering herself or ******* herself with a toy while watching ****, and this would lead to great sex, sometimes in front of these friends on webcam.

I went into the bedroom one day after coming home from work. I found her ******* herself with her favorite toy, a 8" rubber ***** that was still not as big or thick as me. I figured, like happens usually, that she had gotten to that state getting ready for me to come home. I walked in and snuck up behind her as she watched a gang-bang ****. It had been a fantasy of hers for a long time.

I watched for a moment as she got near ******, got undressed, then as I could tell she was getting ready to ***, grabbed her hair, turned her head, and shoved my **** down her throat just as she had a screaming ******. She was in a really excited state, and I ****** her throat like that for a while.

Little did I know, as all this was happening, that she was in a public room on cam4, a site where anyone could go on and do naughty webcam. We had around 40 random internet people watching as I ****** her throat and came all over her tongue. I wasn't done yet, so I licked her **** and ****** her with the ***** until I got hard again. As I was down there, she was adjusting the webcam to get good shots, and I just wasn't paying attention. I then brought her to the bed, tied her hands behind her back, and ****** her doggy style before bringing her to her knees in front of the computer and having a massive ******* all over her face. I had never seen her so horny before unless we had been with someone else in a *********.

After all of this was done and she was cleaning off her face, I watched as she walked over to the computer, kissed at the webcam and licked her lips before turning it off. I asked her what happened and she told me how many people had been watching us. I was so turned on.

The only thing to ever come out of this was a couple months later when we were grocery shopping, and while going through the checkout line late at night, the guy looked us both over, then went "I've seen you have sex!"

After some embarresed conversation where he explained he had been on the site that day (what a coincidence!) he got my fiance's number and they went on several 'dates' which would end up with them having incredible sex that she would detail me later. He was never into **********, which was dissapointing, but oh well.

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Great story. No wonder you proposed to her. Just curious: Why EX-fiance?