Truth Or Dare Gone Wild

Two week ago I got together with a few of my friends. We started a game of truth or dare. It started with the usual silly assed questions and dares. My turn rolled around and I said truth. My friend asked me how old I was when I lost my virginity. I said I didn't know cause I didn't lose it yet. Well they had some fun making fun of me about it and the game went on. As it usually does the game became more sexual as the night wore on. Long story short... I took a dare and my friend said "Lose your cherry here tonight". We laughed and I took a "pass" on that one. Later I took a dare and a guy said, "Suck the **** of your choice for 1 minute". This was more my style so I chose Rob and gave him some special head for a minute. Now of course I was getting more into the spirit of the game.

Again I don't want to tell the whole boring story but I took a "group dare". ( this is a variation we do where everyone has to do the dare, sometimes we split into teams ) So anyway the group dare is have sex with somebody you have not had sex with before. So two of the girls pick two of the guys and that leaves me with Rob. They wasted no time getting going but I was still not sure about this one. Anyway its lights out and the couples are going at it and I get started with Rob. After a bit we are both naked and he sticks his **** in my virgin hole. Now I am really getting into it and suddenly on go the lights! It was a setup! everyone else is dressed and there I am on the floor getting pounded.

JennaTalia JennaTalia
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hot first time

Despite being setup being rather angering, if I were in your shoes... did it turn you on a little more? To being ****** in front of them all?


That's too funny. You have some real jokers as friends, but it sounds like you had fun.

Kool story I wish you had left in all the juice details. Other than that it was a good story.

wat a ******* amazing way to lose your cherry1

So was this a good thing or a bad thing, Should we congratulate you what

Thats what I am talking about thats great

will u feel my husbands **** in ur *****?

I have my own story. One time my buddie Nolan and I were playing truth or dare and some girls from next door came over to join us. Long story short One of the girls dared everyone to get naked. So we all ended up getting nude. However these girls were hot so I got a ***** and ended up ****** all over the place. It was weird but I lived with it.

Did you jump up all embarrassed or did you finish what you started? Its so tough to quit once you have your rhythm.

so how did you feel about carrying on? sounds hot!!

Yes, we want to know how you felt about it afterwards. Tell us more, please!

hot story. how did you feel?!<br />
But I'm guessing not exactly the way you wanted it to happen?

I always feel the need to **** in presence of a group watching us doing it on the table and enjoying by touching us everywhere and anywhere they want and I am getting more and more hot by the attention of all the people.

wow, what a hot story.<br />
<br />
How did it make you feel when they all saw you down on the floor like that?

Now that is a memorable experience! <br />
<br />
Did enjoy Rob being your 1st?<br />
<br />
You didn't say if they got to watch you *** too?<br />
<br />
Very Hot!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing!

Wow! What an experience? Did you regret it afterward, or was it enjoyable?<br />
<br />
I have had sex with a girlfriend while skinny dipping with another couple, though the "action" was underwater. And I've had sex with others in the room, but (at least I THINK) they didn't know what was going on. I've never deliberately "put on a show!"