More Than Once

I have had sex in public tots of times, in the car, at the bar, tag teamed in a public restroom at a night club and on the beach..........


My favorite probably was one time we were at my friends house, my husband my friend and her new boyfriend and I were all sitting in her hot tub naked and drinking. When the guys got out to get more drinks Amber wanted to tease the guys a little, so at her suggestion we got out of the hot tub and stood under the patio heater. She stood behind me with her arms wrapped around just below my breastswhile we listened for them to come back out. They were taking a long time,she said "I think they're coming, just play a long" and moved her hands placing one on my breast the other between my legs and started kissing my neck I reached behind me to feel her ***. She was pinching my nipple and it was all making me really hot, I pushed her finger into my wet ***** and she started rubbing my ****. She then turned me around and began kissing my mouth' I could feel her hard nipples against mine, I still don't remember how she did it but she laid me down on an over sized patio "bed" and  went down on me. I think it only took a few seconds for her to make me ***, she didn't stop licking me it was more than I could take so I pulled her up my body. amber stopped at my nipples and sucked and teased them with her tounge. I pulled her up more and kissed her I could taste myself on her tounge, I pulled her higher and she placed her hard nipple in my mouth, I was so hot I wanted to taste her *****. She straddled my face, her  ***** was so wet as I liked her very swollen ****. I put one hand on her *** and the other between my legs and put my finger in myself, she started bucking when I put my finger around her hole and exploded on my face. We laid there for a minute cuddling and she said "I guess we got a little carried away" and we laughed.


Then I heard Ty say "wow I didn't see that coming" it startled both of us, I had forgot that the guys were even there. Amber and I jumped and ran back into the hot tub. Amber said laughing "are you guys goint to bring our drinks or just stand there?" They were both just standing at the door with a drink in each hand and big tents pitched in the towels wrapped around them. It was quite a sight.



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i wouldnt mind ******* u 2

what a great story
hug and kisses

Thanks for sharing this hot story.<br />
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My wife and I came really close to playing with our neighbors in our hot tub one night, but I was too drunk to read the signs right. Damn! I still dream about the neighbor wife's huge boobs and her hubby claimed to be very well endowed. They were older but it still would have been a blast.

OK! teaser!

Wow!<br />

Totally HOT!!! Sometimes spur of the moment plans end up better than expected.

Hot, did the night progress further on the sex with the guys?

I love that you got carried away and forgot all about the plan...very sexy...

Wow...just wow!!<br />
maybe after all my blood pumps back into my brain, instead of my ****, i might be able to say something a little more witty

Great Story!!

tell us about the tag team

Love this Story .... Ya'll would be so much fun to hang with... We havn't had friends like that to play with in a couple of years ... we still have a lot a fun ... but this story makes me HARD.. Thanks

great story

wow that was hot as hell!!!