Eat Me Baby Before the Cops Show Up

i got eat out so many times on the side of buldings, side of roads, and i think its the greatest thing ever i love ******* in cars its a big turn on to me.

smittenjaqi smittenjaqi
18-21, F
9 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Id eat you out

Head is great any way we get it......on a a my seat......for a while. I love to give it.......with my hands tied.......laying on my back while my nose you do spread eagle and can't move.......really gets me in the grove.

I love getting laid in a car. My girlfriend love givng road head

QWell to tell the truth, I like it best outside on a blanket, and just as wet and nasty as we can get it. Like animals.

anything for a great ****** !!

I have been known to do a little stroking when I am by myself on a long trip. And I had a 50 mile blow job. The truckers enjoyed it. I had trouble mantaining control of the truck this time.

Haha! Are you trying to cause crashes anklet? I would like to see that! Just some boring old fart picking their nose in the cars next to me! That would certainly spice up the jorney home! I was once fiddling with a over tight bra trying to loosen it when lets say i exposed more then i had meant to, and the car at the side of me ran straight into the back of the one infront!

me too i love to stroke while driving;)

Ill bet! Beats been in bed eh?