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Helping My Mother In Law Out Of Her Bra

I used to see my mother in law in her slip, panties and bra quite often as she lived several miles away from us and did not drive, I would often take her home after an evening visit.(She was a widow of 15 years at the time) She suffered from arthritis and it hurt her to lift her arms and legs, so often I had the pleasure of helping her out of her dress which was zipped on the back and hard for her to undo. Then she would wander around in her lingerie and offer me a coffee, knowing it was driving me wild to see her like that. Sometimes she would sit at the table with her legs up and ask me to massage them, which I did with pleasure. Before I would leave, I always had to get a big hug from her, and she usually was sitting facing the table, so standing at her side I would have to reach around her **** to get a hug. Now this always resulted in me accidentally rubbing her breasts as I reached around, and I always got a good feel as I finished the hug. I got so excited, (and i am sure she did too) as she sat there in her  underwear and me feeling her ****. I also had the pleasure of hugging her when she stood up to say good bye, she always stood up for another hug. It felt so good to wrap my arms around this older woman who had on only her bra, panties and slip. One time while I was hugging her, she asked me to undo her bra, as it was digging into her ribs. Doing this through her slip was a bit of a trick, but I was not about to complain. When I finally got all four hooks undone. I slid her bra off her shoulders and freed her huge ****.She let pull off her bra while she was still wearing her slip, I certainly enjoyed reaching in and getting the straps out from under her slip and down each arm. I had lots of fun doing this, and even though she was almost 40 years my senior and her **** were sagging down, she turned me on so much by letting me do this for her, that I never had any problem giving her a ride home or going over there to do some chores that she needed doing, because it always ended in me getting a hug from and my mother in law while she was only half dressed. Added bonus, she knew about my cross dressing,and even had me model some of my lingerie for her, and sometimes when I helped he out of her bra, she gave it to me to try on. Once she even helped me put it on, and as I was already wearing panties and hose, she got another slip from her lingerie drawer and help me put it on too, then we would have a cup of coffee, or do the little chore she needed done, then she sat on my lap and had me massage her back for her. Well, rubbing her sore back soon had me rubbing her **** and ****, which had her squirming in my lap. With both of us wearing slips, bras, panties and hose, it did not take long for her to *** and I came in my panties too. After, she gave me a kiss and a big hug, said thank you, handed me my jeans and t shirt, and I dressed over top of her lingerie I was wearing and left. We never talked about that day, but I made many a trip to do odd jobs for her, and got lots of hugs and feels, and the occasional free pair of panties for my trouble. Never turn down an older woman, they get horny like anyone else and know how to show their appreciation. On several occasions, she would hand me her panties, or a bra or slip and told me to use them any way I wanted, then bring them back and she would wash them for me and then it would start all over again. Oh how I miss those days. Maybe I can find another older woman who needs my

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sounds fun

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing.

Funny, As I only have a longtime for underwear I never really thought of myself as a true CDer. Over the past 10-12 years I've built a collection of about 16 vintage Warner's half slips and three Farr Wests. The Warner's are from the 1980-87 era when they perfected their 100% polyester fabric in a tight, satinlike weave that was shiny and slippery both sides. Whenever possible I wear two of these - layered, one slip over the other. The effect is almost hypnotic.

I think I would've loved it if my mother-in-law had asked me to help her . . . Thanks again.

Unfortunately she passed away a number of years ago. Wish I had started earlier in having some fun. Now only dreaming about the past, and hoping somebody will come into my world someday, looking for some fun.

I never had a MIL to possibly share this type of experience with. I did, however, have a small time grass cutting business in the late 80s with several much older, widowed women as clientele. Although I was not looking to play then, I did have suspicions that two of them would have been more than willing to play...will have to wonder "what if" now...

That's so hot that you fingered her to ******!!
Babe, you should have made slow sweet love to her! Let her feel your *** filling her, and her *** saturating your shaft!
I bet it would have been amazing!

Lovely story, I am sure that your Mother in Law still had needs and it was mutually beneficial to both of you

As I lay here in bed with my hoisery on, I am getting so ******* horny. What a great story about your mother in law. Rubbing her back and her **** and her nice ****. Lucky deal for you. I would go back for more.

Just so much teasing? I almost can't believe that you two didn't have a real, daily or weekly affair that went on for years. That would be so wonderful.

i had a friend who thought my mother inlaw was smoking hot. one day i txt her and told her that my friend wanted her panties, so the next day she came 2 my house and i reminded her about the panties my friend wanted, so she went into the bathroom and removed them and handed them 2 me 2 give 2 him, when she left i put my nose and tongue right 2 her crotch and sniffed and licked them...