Suppressed Hobo Groping Experience

Documentary making is a dangerous game, anyone with a camera and something to say will tell ya that.

People get imprisoned, shot at, stoned, all kinds of things, while making their documentaries.

Me, well I got groped by a hobo.

If you've ever studied the conventions of the Documentary genre, or blinked through a relevant Wikipedia article (tantamount to studying), you'll know about VOX POPs.  Vox comes from the Latin for voice, and Pop stands for Of The People.  Don't look at me, I didn't make the name up.  It rolls off the tongue nice though, don't it.  VOX POP. 

Vox pops involve talking with strangers and getting their opinion snippets on camera.  I liked doing vox pops, it was a cool excuse to start up a conversation with a stranger on the street, something I don't do too much but get a kick out of. 

Young guys are always keen to answer my questions, older woman are polite and encouraging, and by the end of that vox pop day it was the older men that we needed to speak to for something closer to a representative sample of the people out in town that day. 

My friend and I (her the camera person, myself the stranger approacher) were scouting around for subjects in a nicely paved and lit-bright-enough-for-nice-shots part of town - grubby but a nice vox pop backdrop.  We found ourselves in conversation with two dirty-looking characters who seemed kind of stoned and slow but friendly and willing to do what we asked and "Answer these questions on camera." 

Not a hugely difficult task?

Somehow the directions were misconstrued.  While one of the shady old guys was occupying the attention of my friend somehow, the other must have taken our talking to him as a sort of invitation.  So he beckoned me closer to clarify something on the sheet of questions.  As I stepped forward to look at the paper he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me in a way I was completely uncomfortable with.  Not appropriate at all and borderline sexual abuse, I gotta say.  My boobs and *** aren't public property, mister.

He didn't smell good.

I can't remember how it ended, like I say, I thought I'd had this memory well-suppressed.  I felt violated and taken advantage of, and dirty for the rest of the day. I remember the two hobos ran away all of a sudden, so I guess some member of the public stepped in and scared them off. 

The crappy thing was my film-making partner didn't even see the old stoned hobo taking advantage of the closest a female's been to him since 'Nam.  I told her and she kind of 'Ew'ed and felt yuck for me, but then we just kind of forgot about it and carried on with our documentary.

Which turned out cool, by the way.  We didn't get any hobo footage.

tearaway tearaway
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14 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Hobo's are funny as **** sometimes... Poor Hobo's

Hahaha I make myself laugh because I said typical men finishing early.

Well they ran off before we did the vox pops. Typical men... Finishing early.<br />
I had my filming partner though so it was okay.

No Hobo Footage??? What the heck Damnit Janet

Check and... check.

That's a life goal for me, you know. To do that. Sweet, where's a pen? I need to write a tick.

Yet you combined so many that it becomes cool all over again. <br />
<br />
It was a gut-wrenching rollercoaster of monstrous cliche proportions that left me on the edge of my seat with two thumbs up!

Gigli never happened.<br />
I never saw it, which is almost the same as it never having happened in my life.<br />
It's a fly on the proverbial peripheral windscreen of my consciousness ointment. That's one gnarly cliche'd sentence.

haha. Well, I suppose I would too... but only by a narrow margin. At least no hobo starred in Gigli.

I'd prefer Ben Affleck, thanks ;)

Plenty to choose from. Almost anything besides apes and whales. No messing with them. They're cool.<br />
<br />
Plus the whole thing could've been worse... it least it wasn't Ben Affleck.

My, this is a nice lolbbq.

I kind of ruined vox pops for me. They used to be my favourite. This memory is way suppressed though, the way all my undesirable groping experiences are! I think I've dealt with it so now we can laugh at it!

That's terrible Tearaway! If I saw someone doing that I'd have to jab him in the back of the head or something. I'm glad everything turned out ok. What a creepy, ****** thing to happen while you're doing something fun.