Forced With A Gun. What Do I Do Now?

I am from California, but was sent to Houston TX for mental health reasons. I just got out of intensive care and a day later was walking around for a hair salon. I got pretty far from where I was staying and was getting anxious. This guy pulls up and asks if he could drop me off somewhere. I see how nice the car is and well dressed he is and decide it's safe and get in. Soon he starts asking me if I'm married or single. Then proceeds to tell me how pretty I am. I asked to get out and he said he had a better place for me. He parked in a neighborhood and asked if he could touch me. When I replied no he started to touch my chest. With his other hand he reached under my skirt. I started to really freak out and lied saying that I had AIDS. He said he did too and continued to stick his fingers in to me. My arm shot out for the door and he took his hand off my chest and pulled a gun from his car door and rammed it into the side of my head and told me if I didn't blow him he would kill me. I was silent not knowing what to do until he cocked the gun. He unzipped his pants and leaned his chair back. I felt the gun on my head the whole time and when he finished I spat it in his eyes, grabbed my purse and ran as I heard the gun go off.

This happened yesterday, and I don't really know what to do now.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 20, 2013