I Was In A Daze

i was really young at the time. i was only 12. i was late for a meet up with a couple of friends so i was rushing. i was on my way to an ice skating rink in town and i jumped out of my moms car and i ran towards the doors. i barely noticed the car with headlights idling on the fire zone. when i ran past i heard "Tim go-NO STOP TIM STOPP!!!" i heard a scream and i think it was me. there was a bight flash of lights and next thing i knew, i was lying on the ground in a daze. i didn't realize what was going on. i simply got up and walked away. i turned back to see my mom and i told her i was fine and that i would see her in 2 hours. i walked in with my mom close behind, nearly in tears. the guy who was screaming for Tim to stop asked if i was OK and gave me a concussion test. convinced i was fine, i obediently took the test but didn't really care. 3 hours later, i realized my hands were shaking and i had some pretty bad damage to my tailbone and heel. when i couldn't get up the next morning i was really scared. my mom hadn't exchanged information or anything, but she blamed it on me saying that i should have told her before why didn't i tell her. how was i supposed to know that you had to fill out all this paperwork to get insurance? i was 12 and i just wanted to meet up with my friends. 
f0llowtheclouds f0llowtheclouds
May 19, 2012