It has become a continuous affair as my mom leaves no chance to hurt and insult me. I have always tried to do my best to make her happy but she is simply impossible. And above all she knows my greatest weakness, being tortured in the belly and navel. She knows I go crazy when I am given pleasure as well as pain on my abdomen and especially my very deep navel. She has sharp nails on her fingers and many times she has mercilessly poked my navel base hard with her finger enough to make me bleed. She loves doing this and later on she loves it when I have to beg to her to caress my wounded painful navel. She does it but so much scornfully that it hurts me even more. Sometimes she shows some kindness by gently touching my navel and relieving the pain by applying some pain relieving lotion.
navelpoked navelpoked
26-30, M
Aug 23, 2014