Usually College Guys

I get hit on by younger guys often, usually college age guys.  I think some of it is because I wear ball caps and jeans frequently with ponytails.  It is flattering when younger guys ask me out.

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Ever take them up on their offer?

I do think that is going to change. It amazes me how much boys change to men after boot. Take it to PM if you want. I am here.

What about me do you think is going to change? Maybe i should take it to a pm. I would like to talk about this topic with you.

Oh no lol. Pleeeease don't change it :)

I agree and I shouldn't really use it either. I do think that as you get older, and especially once you come out of boot you are going to be a totally different person. I believe there is someone out there for each of us and it is just a matter of allowing time and to accept it when it is presented.

Yeah like i said i haven't settled, but i wouldn't use the word "never" It is a waste of life to always look for something better. To over look the good things we have in front of us just because we want even better. <br />
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I always attract the person who has been destroyed by loneliness. That they don't even care they just want to be with someone. They don't like me, they just want anything, and i do not like that at all. I will never go for that type of person, but that is the only type who goes for me.

Should I change it Tummie? It is who i am though. <br />
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Well if you have a list of "unacceptables" and they cover more than 2 or 3 of these then they may not be the right person for you.

lol even your username is sexy :P

How do you know who is the wrong person? All i am saying is the grass is always greener on the other side. There comes a point where you have to stop looking and be happy. When you find someone who you think is great that is. I am not talking about all the people who go after me.

But why settle for the wrong person?

I wouldn't say never. Can get caught up looking for the perfect person, and pass up on some that are truly really great, after all there is no perfect person, but it is the same old story with the people who fall for me. I just don't understand how they keep finding their way to me. Just makes no sense at all..

Awww you are much too sweet. Your check is in the mail lol.

That is the best way. Never settle.

My reality is the last resort guy, and as you say i havent settled.. Rather be alone then be the last resort.

Gettin, I'm not sure what it is.<br />
<br />
Ar, I understand.

I can't go by what people on ep tell me only what has actually happened to me in my real reality. That is just the facts for me. Just how it is.

So you get hit on all the time, must be your aura

Awww thank you Xander. BTW you are a very handsome young man.

Blu, Oh no... I like my man around my age these days. <br />
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Ar, I don't think so. I think you are great.<br />
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Looking, There is a group here for ladies like us. You should join lol<br />
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RJ, Yes I am always smiling.<br />
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Xander, Yes, you do lol. ((blushing)) and why is it that you like to flirt and hit on me?

LOL you just have to know which buttons to push and not to push... However, young, old, who cares.. I like the attention too.. ATTENTION HO HERE TOO LMAO

No just me in general. I have never attracted any girl that was sane or didn't have some very extreme problem. I am like the last resort guy.

Oh I thought you meant ponytails attract crazy people. Overlook me I am having a blond moment.

What does wearing a ponytail have to do with crazy people? Ive never had long hair though, and don't worry it has never crossed my mind that you would hit on me.

Crazy people? Why were you wearing a ponytail? I don't think I would hit on you with ponytail.

I only attracted crazy people.. Never anyone normal..

Yes I get the older men that want to play too. It doesn't bother me. I like attention and I am an attention ho. lol

Yes it is!! I was awe struck big time.. I do get hit on by younger men sometimes but the things is I just thought it was because they knew me and liked my personality.. LMAO!! I really enjoy it too! That particular night I was wearing a turtle neck.. typical old lady stuff lol and jeans. But I apparently am cute sometimes.. Made me feel like a queen. Not only younger men but one old man (app 60) hit on me also.. He looked at me and plain out said "I'm in love" LMAO!!