Not Hard To Do

When you get to be my age, any woman that hits on me is bound to be younger. :)

I love them all.

51-55, M
11 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I have come to hate women. I hate them. They have given me nothing but misery.

There are so many women in the world, I can't see all of them giving u misery.

you sure did hit on me bella, and i love it. :)

LOL...So funny....<br />
<br />
You sexy tiger .............Wanna have a drink with me ?<br />
<br />
Did I just hit on you ?<br />
<br />

I never thought of myself as a musician, but i can hum a few bars in you ear Pix.

The older the violin the sweeter the music *wink*

yes it does Sole, and don't you ever stop you sweet thing. love you girl.

I stalk you all the time...does that count PTman...????? Lol...! Xoxo!

fg it's not funny. lol


so you think that's funny. do you? lol

LOL!!! ;-)