Wow That Hurt

My first love was twenty years ago it was fantastic she was a little older and very sexy, everything felt so real every day was brilliant but of course it ended as all good things must. Now I was upset for a long time but eventually you realise first love must end so we can learn from it and also have golden memories to keep in our hearts for ever.
We got back together a couple of years after but it never felt the same it was hollow an echo of the past so in the end we parted ways but every year as summer dawns I remember the way the sun shone on her golden hair and the smell of her perfume and I can't help but smile
Acidarchie Acidarchie
36-40, M
1 Response May 6, 2012

I don't know many people where it has worked out when they got back with their first love. I get the same feeling about my first love. i just don't think that there are very many folks who get a second chance and then have it work. That feeling of first love is so freakin' powerful but I think it's a one shot deal for most of us. I still smell her perfume and it's been 32. years.