Another Hurt Filled Day

This week end I went Camping with my Son, I invited my wife and asked her if she wanted to come. She did not answer and told me she would talk to me later which is code for no.

I went on Saturday morning to the next and we had a great time, however I missed having her there with me. I waited for a call that night (half knowing that there would not be one). She did not call and the next day we wrapped things up and I went to drop him off for his week with Jenny.

When I got there my son and myself were at her place when she got some thing to put on the fridge my son asked the question if she had a picture of himself, her and me to place on the fridge and she said some where, not knowing what to say I guess. It hurt but for him more so, so Innocent.

later before I left she gave me a plaque, she said my Father had given this to her to keep and she gave it to me. I simple picture of a beach and two kids running, one a girl and one a boy. The words on the plaque said "There is no beauty so great, then one shared" I teared up, I never knew he gave it too her and now she is giving it back, why? 

My Dad Passed on two years ago. I felt so small now, awful I wanted to cry, but not in front of my son. He saw it and read it which made things worse I went out to my car so I could cry out there (Told them I had to put it out in the car).  When I came back in to say good bye to him I tried to give her a hug good bye, where the last couple times she allowed me to do so and this time she told me "no" and to leave.

Again I felt horrible...... Why do I keep doing this to myself......I'm so tired of being hurt like this. Why can't she see I love her.

maybe she wanted me to stay and when I went to leave she got angry, before the plaque she did not seem in a hurry for me to leave.

I don't know anymore what the hell to do.....My own dam fault so I'm not asking for any Sympathy... guess I just need to get it out of me.

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4 Responses Aug 19, 2007

So emotional.
And he's deleted his account.



Hi, this is very sad to hear. i am not sure if you and your wife are still together or not. either way it is unfair the way she is treating you and you deserve so much better. you clearly care for her a great deal so i think you need to sit down with her and talk this through. i suggest you just ask her straight, what does she want and how she feels. and even where to go from there. be firm and dont let her push the matter aside. you deserve to know exactly where you stand. if she doesnt give you a straight answer then she doesnt want the same as you, start looking for that special someone you deserve for your sake and your sons. hope things work out for you xx

If I have learned one thing about women it is that you may never have a clue what they are thinking or what they are really wanting. We are going to make the wrong choices 7 times out of 10 because we have no idea what to do.

And thsts just your opinion too imagine what 6.5 billion other opinions must be? Oh well... Next