You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

I was working at a psychiatric hospital as a PSA (patient aide), basically hands on with all the patients...admitting them..dealing with outbursts, restraints, feedings, bathing, etc. We had several different wards from geriatric, to intensive where some of our worst patients go.
I was working one morning and a patient became out of control. I got hurt. Here I am a year later, still suffering lower back and neck having bowel problems...and cannot work anywhere! I am in the middle of a lawsuit, but had my first review yesterday. They tried to offer me a lousy $500! Seriously?? I have a family to take care of! what would I do with $500?? And what happens the rest of my life? No one will hire me since I can't do alot!!! My family is suffering as we struggle, getting no help from anywhere. Only my husbands income..and he's a school teacher, so you know that isn't much when you have four daughters between u and a grandbaby on the way.
Workers comp has gotten four people that were there in the incident, to lie and say I wasn't helping with the patient and I never got hurt! Truth is, I was the only person on the hall when it started!!! I hurt myself bad trying to keep the patient and my coworkers from harm! How can they do this to me??
Now we are going to have to go to trial. What am I supposed to do?? I know the truth, but I have to get this judge to listen to me and not the four liars!!! I'm beyond stressed right now!!
AngelWings75 AngelWings75
36-40, F
Dec 5, 2012