Agonising Wait

I ruptured two discs in my neck while trying to stop an autistic boy hurting himself and I am now unable to do my former job.

He was normally a good kid and I really enjoyed my work as a Special Needs Education Assistant at my local primary school. But one day he lost it and hit me with a computer keyboard, so I had to take him to the time out area.

On the way, he tried to drop his legs from beneath him and slump to the floor, but I tried to catch him and in doing so damaged my spine.

I had an operation to fuse three of my neckbones together, but there was nothing they could do about the damage that had been done to my nerves by the protruding squashed discs. So I now have constant pain in both shoulders and all the way down my left arm. My fingertips are numb and tingly and I get a lot of muscle spasms.

Even worse than the pain, the insomnia and the depression is the hassle of dealing with the Workers Compensation "system". This seems not to be designed to help injured workers, but to support the incomes of doctors, lawyers and the bureaucrats who administer the system.

My accident was three and a half years ago. In that time, I have been required to attend consultations with 23 doctors, each of whom has been paid -no doubt very well- for their services. One psychiatrist I saw earned $1 900 for chatting to me for an hour and then writing a single page report! But I am still waiting for a lump sum compensation payout, and struggling to get by on a Disability Support Pension.

I put my body on the line to prevent injury to a child. There is no justice!

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Under the combined pressure of pain, poverty and depression, I settled for a relative pittance, perseverer, and in doing so I signed away all rights to pursue the matter further. I am sure I am not the only injured worker to have succumbed in this way; I believe the 'system' is designed to force people into this position. My Union was the only body involved that truly had workers' interests at heart and of course their legal, administrative and counselling assistance cost me nothing but my $2 a week union membership fee, though I donated part of my settlement to the Union in appreciation for their help

That is unbelievably bad luck. Have you tried the ombudsman?

I visited my State Member of Parliament to see if there was anything he could do to help speed up my case, and laid out my arguments much as I did above. I concluded saying: The workers' compensation system in this state is deeply flawed. He put his fingertips together in front of his chest, frowned, and told me: When I was Attorney General, I drew up that legislation.<br />
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At least he wrote me a letter of support.<br />
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Thank You for your comments.

I have been paying psychiatrists for years and the most I ever paid for a long consultation lasting nearly 2 hours was $225. As soon as they get a whiff for it being worker's compo and therefore insurance, they start charging like a wounded bull. I think you should speak to a lawyer and your MP about this. 23 consults in completely ridiculous. It is people rorting the system.<br />
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And Dex, don't give up on treatments. Technology is improving all the time for spinal problems.

they do it here in canada too dex. when ed was so sick they made him go to a tribunal to answer questions and give evidence to support his claim. there was no legitimate reason they gave for denying his hard earned pension but at least it finally came through. its only when youre faced with this trying situation that you learn how crappy we get treated.

some times i think workers comp. does it on derpus making people wait in such pain <br />
my husband got hurt almost 3 years ago and hes just got his seddlement . the stuff workers comp puts workers threw iam so sorry for what ur going threw .