Where Are You Now?

 I had a best friend back in high school who moved to a different highschool her junior year. Though we were at different achools, we talked on and off and I missed her because she promised we'd always remain best friends. We'd make plans and she'd make some lame excuse or never show. I just concluded that it was a growing part of her personality. Next I found out she moved to Arizona, which hurt me because she moved way across the country and not even a call or a goodbye. The following summer she visited rhode island again, I texted her and she promised to hang out. The date came to hang out, and she just stopped texting me. How could she? All the memories? It hurt so bad. The next day I was deeply depressed knowing she didn't even have any respect for the friendship she used to have. Now she's somewhere out in Arizona doing who knows what. I will always wonder and will always care for her
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I know exactly how you feel, my best friend for over thirty years has pretty much done the same thing. If I were to call her right now she'd act like everything's just peachy but I finally quit trying to stay in touch because I can't remember the last time that it was her who made the effort. Still hurts, though.

It does hurt and I think everyone experiences this once in their lifetime. But human nature is like that , we grow, either 'up' or 'away'. Sometimes for the better. Try not to dwell on it hon. and mark it up to another learning kerb.

You know, in some ways, losing friends abruptly such as in a fight is sometime easier to deal with than those who just drift away for no discernible reason. There is no closure for those relationships that just "go missing", and you're left standing around wondering what in the heck just happened. All anyone can say is that sometimes people just drift apart. It still sucks and hurts though.