Revenge Of The Oldies 2

What happened to poor Caity during her community Service at new heights residental care?

The court case hadn't gone that well, a huge fine, a criminal record and community service with old people was only marginally better than the 18 months that she could of received for assault. She had originally only gotten 120 hours community service, but had sneezed during the sentencing and the old judge had heard the words "**** you" instead of "achoo" and held her in contempt of court.

The judge had decided to make an example of her and ordered she do her community service over three months, which meant 60 hours a month or 15 hours every weekend, Caity felt bummed at it was almost July and she wouldn't enjoy much of the summer, stuck there all weekend long.

When she arrived at new heights one crisp morning, she knew terror awaited her, those oldies could get her into real trouble and a custodial sentence was awaiting her, if she didn't do as she was told! She took a deep breath and walked in the old place. It smelt of old people and death and she wanted to go home.

She got to the reception area and again a spotty teen smiled and greeted her, Caity was lead to the staff changing area as "Jenny" explained the "rules" of the establishment. Caity knew an ill fitting uniform awaited her and sure as Christmas it was, a lovely food stained yellow dress, that had been washed too many times was produced from the linen cabinet. Caity held it up to the light, this one was even thinner and shorter than sunny meadows! How was this possible? Jenny stood and watched the sexy brunette, unbutton her cool designer dress and drop it to the floor, she had to do a double take at her lovely tanned skin, her ample breasts in that deep white bra, curves in all the right places, even the ordinary baby blue cotton panties looked hot on her, she oozed sex appeal. Jenny was flat chested with a tiny butt, a scrawny figure, at first Caity had even mistaken her for a boy.

As Caity leant forward to pick up the discarded dress, Jenny was transfixed on her butt, round and glorious.."*****" she thought.....the soft blue cotton, the tiny zig zag embroidery pattern on the trim and waistband looked so good on her it was annoying.

Caity slipped the awful uniform over her head and looked in the mirror, at least an inch of panties were visible at the front and two at the back, this was far too short, her blue panties shone through the ridiculously thin material, at that moment, Jenny took Caity's dress from her hands, threw it into an empty locker and twisted the key and promptly put it in her pocket.

Caity smiled and said in a low voice "this is a bit too short, it doesn't even cover my panties, could you please get me a longer one"....Jenny smiled an evil acne ridden smile "sorry, that's the last one and you have to wear it or go without, your choice?"  Caity looked at the skinny teen "go without" she said in a half confused tone "Yes, I can make you walk round in your underwear if I want, I'm in charge of you
She had to urge to remove the teens facial features, but just breathed heavily, Jenny grinned "I thought you'd have nothing to say about that, you'd better understand that I'm the boss of you while you're here, got it?" Caity nodded that she understood, but was seething inside! First port of call was Mr Jacobs, an octogenarian, a former drunk and a dirty perv, Jenny hated going into his room, he was so handsy and a blatantly dirty old man, he always wanted to know about or see Jenny's underpants, there had been a few too many dress lifting "misunderstandings" in the past, that she had given up reporting him to her boss, besides Caity was at her disposal now. When they got to his room, Jenny knocked twice and they entered, Mr J was sitting in his chair watching countdown and shouting incorrect answers at the screen. His room was untidy and his bed sheets were messy, the room hummed of old spice and old people, he took one look at Caity and the inch of underpanties peeping out from the front of her uniform and grinned, she quickly put her hand over the exposed panties and went red. Mr J sized up the young women, very nice he thought, the tight fitting uniform squashing Caity's bosoms, a little nipple peeping through her bra into the fabric, Jenny piped up " are you ok Mr Jacobs, d'you need anything " he glared back and snarled back sarcastically "double scotch and a blow job" Jenny feigned a giggle and tried to laugh off his ******** request, but she was clearly embarrassed by his candid remark. Caity just smiled at Jenny enjoying her response. Mr J knew how to get to Jenny and started staring her up and down, mentally undressing her " what colour are you wear" he tried to say, but Jenny quickly changed the subject " that bed's a mess, don't just stand there Caity, change his bedding right now" Caity nodded and reluctantly approached the bed, a few inches of her baby blue cotton panties on display from behind, Mr J got up and turned his chair to observe the sexy brunette, she knew what he could see and getting a quick reflection of her panty exposed *** in the mirror didn't help. As she leant forward, the too short uniform shot up revealing most of her panties, she felt annoyed and shame in equal measure, it seemed to take an eternity pulling the white fitted sheet from the mattress, was it ******* glued down or something, all the while Jenny sniggered at her unfortunate subordinate, knowing she could get her to do anything she wanted, Mr J just sat and watched rubbing the front of his pj's, Caity's pantied *** looked exceptional, much better than Jenny's flat butt, he felt a throbbing down below. As soon as Caity had finished, she stood upright with the stinky sheeting in her hands, Jenny grinned and told Caity to follow her as she would show her where the bedding laundry was, Mr J grimaced and said to Caity "hurry back, I'm looking forward to watching you put the fresh sheets on" with that they left. Caity was shown the "launderette" facilities and Jenny handed her some clean sheets, Caity took them a little reluctantly, trying not to think of Mr J seeing her panties & ***, when she got back there.

Jenny raced back to Mr J's room, eager to see what the randy old bugger had in store for poor Caity

TBC - sorry no time now, but more humiliation and lots of nudity to come for Caity
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