Redneck Woman

I have never felt like such a piece of white trash~!  I was out with two of my girls last night and this drunk guy needed a ride home.  Well, we'd all been drinking but I drove so anyway this guy was sloshed.  But he kept trying to touch one of my friends between the legs so my other friend told him to stop.  He called her a ***** and when he got out he swung at her through her window.  So they start to fight, then she gets up to walk away and then he calls both of us ******* and her white trash or something and swings at her again so I get out of the car.  It was just uggy.  Yeah not ugly but uggy.  That bad. 
Esperanza Esperanza
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2007

You were trying to do a nice thing and it backfired. He just sounds like a bad apple.