I Was At Mcdonald's This Morning For Breakfast...

And after I had finished and started going online on my Nook using their Wifi, a hobo in a wheelchair approached me asking me if I had change. I asked him if he wanted a meal and he said just coffee. I asked him how much change did he need and he said a dollar and a couple of cents. I handed him a dollar and fifty cents and then I went back to my Nook. I remained there for an hour extra before I finally got bored and decided to leave.

As I was getting up to leave, I saw the homeless guy wheeling back to me so I stood there waiting for him to approach. He told me he was hungry and wanted breakfast now. I asked him what he wanted and he didn't seem to know so I got behind him and started wheeling him to the cash register so he can look at the menu. He stared at it for a while not knowing what to get as I made suggestions for him, trying to help him decide. He finally decided on one of their McMuffins and some orange juice. I paid the person at the cash register, waited for him to get his food and then said goodbye and left.

I was only halfway through the McDonald's parking lot when I heard a lady's voice calling out, "Hey, miss! Miss!" There was no one else in the parking lot but me.

Huh? Me? I turn around and sure enough, I see the lady making a beeline towards me. Huh. I instinctively press my purse around me trying to feel around it and see if something is missing. Surely I forgot something, didn't I? That's why she's coming after me. I look at her hands, but see no sign of her having something of mine.

"Did you buy that homeless man a meal?" she asked. Oh, so that's what this is about.
I told her I did as I wondered with the problem was. She didn't seem pleased at all.
"We don't allow that at our establishment," she said.

Okay, um, what?

Seeing the look on my face, she began to explain that it's bad for the business for people and families to see too many hobos loitering around the restaurant. She walked away, leaving my jaw dropped open before I finally turned and made the rest of my way out of the parking lot in disgust. How could one's business be worth sacrificing your humanity and letting a person starve to death just for the sake of saving the reputation of that McDonald's establishment? It's not like McDonald's has a good reputation to begin with! And it's not like I forced them to give the hobo a free meal... I paid for it! Forgive me for being human, but if someone can't afford a damned breakfast at McDonald's and I have the money to buy them a meal, I will definitely do it. I'm not doing anything wrong here.

So yeah, that's what occurred this morning...
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2012

I would responded with "If you don't want customers who are polite and take care of other customers in your establishment, I'd be happy to alert the media for you."

That's terrible! I truly dislike McShit burger. But so sweet, what you did for him. At least some people have a heart.