ok,it was my brother in laws dogs,he had two of them,a boy and a girl.This was back when the boy dog was still alive.I went into the cage with both of them and the girl was calm but the boy was jumpy.When i got in,i started to play with them.Then i wanted to get out cause i started to smell like a dog.I tried getting out but the boy dog started to jump all over me.Dawn's cousin Luke had to come in and push the dog off me.Me and Dawn spent the night at my brother in laws parents house were the big dogs are.Dawn came into the bathroom with me,to give me my shampoo.I never noticed till she pointed it out,that there was a big slash mark across my chest from when the dog had jumped on me.Today the boy dog is dead and girl is still alive.She is the calm one so it's safe to enter the cage.I went in the cage yesterday and all she did was follow me around hoping that i would keep petting her.
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ok,even thought he was a little **** head,i miss him

The boy dog died of heart worm or sunthi like that my nanny told me