The Girl With The Booze The Mouth Theone They Have To Throw Out The Club

i met het with a large groupe of friends 20 years back we used to pick each orthers partners just mates and **** buddies well time passed we woukld go to raves and get wasted sqiriming triping the works festivals drugz the party was everthing then i got depession heacviuly mewdicated and dependant on her in many wayz then she got sick wid da cancer and the crack wasnt helping we both stoped in our tracks and turned around but after a miraculus recovery the clinicaly imposible happened she became pregnant ..we now have the most beautifull little girl you have ever seen i bet all dads say that now her future is paramount so my foolish dayz are over but she still drinks her self into a stooper and fights with the homtime call ...a word of warning to alll folk be carfull look where you put the seeds of life and where ever they grow tend the with all your soul ... i stand by the mother of my child i all way even when i cant stand her i geuse we will always be there for each other its me that takes her home over my shoulder when the babysiters in town i look after our daughter 6 days a week and when mum comes home she gets wasted on the weekends...i work nights aswell efectivly i have to nurse both of them its my bed i have to lay in it im nio saint but i see other folk and wish she would stop the booze but how do you tell a woman whose had intensive surgury given u a child and lives in the shadow of illness dont get f--cked up at the weekends mainly as this was her life before im in for the long hall i guese i didnt plan any of this but ill be dammed if i dont do my best im glad that ep erxists as now ive shared somthing that i would just keep inside i like feedback good or bad so do comment

a dad in deed
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Jul 25, 2010