Got Jumped

This happened about two years ago...

I was walking home after I got into an argument with my by then girlfriend. It was pretty stupid to leave her place because it was late at night and fights go down around her neighborhood every night. Once a week or two we hear gun shots. At that time I was with her for three years already and nothing has happened yet so I really didnt care. We got into a fight and I was not going to stay at her place.

I left and started walking to the nearest train station. After two blocks I saw a bunch of hoodlums around the corner talking. As I passed by they just stopped talking and stared at me. Naturally, I put my head up and gave an eye contact with one of them. I crossed the street and more of them started looking. There was about ten of them by this time and I could feel them walking behind me as I crossed the street to see if the next bus was coming to take me to the train station. Wasn't there. I looked back and all of them were walking behind me. I panicked a little bit but I didnt show it. I walked another block then cross the street again. I looked back and saw them crossing the street about 20 feet behind me. I knew what was going to happen. I buckled my bookbag on my chest and another one on my waist. I put my wallet and my phone inside my chest pocket in my leather jacket then zipped it up.

Just before I crossed the street I see two people ran from my right and basically slammed their fists to my face. I was shocked but the adrenaline pumped up quick. I started punching back since I prepared for it for the last half a block. I threw about 8 punches to the smaller one since I knew I wasn't going to win this fight I might as well take one of their heads off. Just to be clear they were both bigger than me. When I started fighting back, another two people started hitting me then one of them tripped me to the ground. At this point all four of them started reigning fist and feet across my face, body, arms, legs, back, you name it. There were a lot more thugs in that corner where they jumped me but all they did was cheer them on. I remember some of them saying, "rob that *****," "take his wallet," "get his bookbag." One of them started taking of my shoes and I was just like WTF? I kicked him in his face. Another one was going through my back pocket. At this point I didnt care about the guy who was slamming everything on my face. I cant go home if they rob my wallet so I put all my power on my arms and started hammer ******* this guy off my back. One of them grabbed my bookbag and threw me across then they started hitting me again. I started screaming, "That's it, man, what the ****?!?!" After that one of them rocked me pretty hard. I woke up a little dazed and just saw this guy walk in front of me to take my hat and took out something from his chest and put it on my bloody bruised up cheek bone. My eyes were blurry and I couldn't hear a thing. I just see this black thing on my face and this "gangster thug" screaming at me. I believe it was a gun but like I said, I couldn't hear a thing and my vision was really blurry at the time. Then they all ran just when I was stumbling up.

When I got up, this guy with a beer on his hand helped me up and asked if I was ok. I said I was good and he told me to go run home. Until today, I still dont know why the hell they did that.
brucetomato brucetomato
26-30, F
May 7, 2012