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Punished As A Child

I grew up in the 60's, I have two younger sisters. Mom apparently thought the appropriate punishment for boys were busted balls.When I would get in trouble for misbehavior mom would ***** me nude and slap my balls. If I disrespected a sister or fought with them mom would stripe, stretch my balls to hang free, then have me drop to my knees with legs spread. Which ever sister I had wronged would be directed to kick my balls, usually 3 - 5 times.
humiliatedson humiliatedson 46-50, M 38 Responses Sep 24, 2012

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My mom and sister were major ballbusters too man. Nailed me all the time.

Ah man, that sounds bad. My mom used to sit on my lap whenever I did something bad. It really hurt. She was about 5'8 and 250 pounds, mostly in her hips and thighs. She would sit on me for hours, it was miserable! My legs and genitals hurt so bad! Sometimes she would threaten to eat me up if I didn't behave. That was how I lost my left arm. I was sick with a cold and couldn't get out of bed but mom thought I was just being lazy. She told me "if you don't get out of bed and eat you breakfast mommy's gonna eat YOU for breakfast". I wasn't sure if she was serious but I slowly got out of bed and went to the table to eat a bit of cereal. I tried eating my cereal but only managed a few bites. My mom then came into the kitchen and sat her huge butt on my lap with a sigh, "sweetie, if you don't eat all of your breakfast soon mommy is going to have herself a lovely little boy breakfast!", my mom said as she looked at me over her shoulder. "I'm sorry mom *ugh* I'm just not very hungry", I said as I struggled under her weight. "well mommy is very hungry", she said as she turned around in my lap, "and you look absolutely DELISHES"! She then grabbed my left arm and opened her mouth wide, "no mommy, please don't eat me!" she put my whole hand into her mouth and deep throated my arm up to my elbow and bit down. It was the most excruciating thing I had ever felt. My mom had bitten all the way through my arm as I screamed at the top of my lungs. She showed me the end of my severed arm in her mouth before she swallowed it whole. "mmmm, yummy", my mom said with a devious smile on her face.

I was the only boy in my family and got hit in the balls a lot. I didn't know any better. My sisters didn't either. So many kicks

Same here. Only boy, and big balls. They grabbed squeezed, kicked and punched my balls.

Sorry to say it sounds like she didn't like men......How did she punish your sisters if they misbehaved?

She liked men, atleast enough she would get her needs fulfilled. My sisters were always punished privately behind closed doors if punished at all. Mom just didn't like dad or me, I favor dad greatly.

sick ****

I just got weak in the knees ...


I'm a pervert for almost passing out thinking about getting kick in the balls like that? That's interesting ...

oh..... nevermind.

Perfect way to raise a boy :)

i agree with u. my mom and i lived alone with my brother and he was really problematic. my mom didnt know what to do so one day after he got into a fight with another boy at school she kicked his balls and told him that will be his punishment from then on. i was allowed to do the same if he bothered me. one day after he bothered me to the point i couldnt make my homework mom told him to get naked and ordered me to kick him barefoot in the balls but i like squeezing more its more personal so i squeezed his balls for about 20 seconds for 30 min i had to hold ice on his balls cuz of pain and swelling, he couldnt do it himself. he never annoyed me again. after he did something bad and knew mom knows about it he came begging to her not to kick him, but all she said was its to late now i have to punish you. usually she squeezed his balls or kicked him barefooted or have me do it and told me i dont have to wait for her to get home if he bothers me i should just punish his balls. me and my mom did that from when he was 13-17 but only when he was bad. now he is 24 yo and doing well. he finished college and has a girlfriend. we get along normally now. he knows he had to be kicked in the balls to make him a man he is today.

high respect for you and your mom. She raised a boy well

My sister and mom squeezed me a lot. Easy way to keep me in line. They did their fair share of kicking and punching my balls too.

now that sounds like a painfull childhood, my eyes are tearing up thinking about the amount of pain that would cause

That hurts me just reading about it.

Ballbusting is a BDSM sexual game. Some men love this. And some men wrote similar stories on the Internet as a sexual fantasy.

Your next reaction gentle suggest - it's only fantasy. Are you give gentle support and approval for this perverse punishment. Is ballbusting for you sexual arousal?

But if your story is true, your mother is perverse. This is extremely sexual abuse.

Wow, you pay a woman to do that to you?? I am going to try that on someone !!! Sounds like fun. If i bind a guys balls like that wont that do damage if I leave it on to long??

It is very fun .. yes it will damage him, but its fun

My friends mother used to kick him in the testicles when he smarted off to him. I saw her do it one day. He moaned and rolled around I mean she kicked him hard.

Good !

Sorry to here thats so wrong !!!

I went to this guys house and he got smart with his mother and she toe kicked his testicles and left him laying on the floor paralyzed. He said she does it all the time and he moaned. I felt so sorry for him, it hurt him so bad. How could his mother damage his testicles like this, i know how tender they are and can't believe she does this to him, he must be sterile, the kick hit him so hard and she had pointed shoes on.

It can also lead to the boy being permanently damaged biologically, if the testicles are even slightly destroyed. Not to mention the mental torture he will have for a lifetime, not being able to erect properly and being feminine in many ways.
Which is why its so satisfying and i love it

how old were your sisters compared to u?

2 sisters, 2 & 4 years younger

That is not appropriate punishment. That is child abuse. How was/is your relationship with your mother as an adult?

we have no relationship

Good, she does not deserve to have any contact with you, and if you have sons, I doubt you would want her in the same town as them! Trusting you have no relationship with your trained-in-abuse sisters, either?

How old were you when you had your balls kicked? sounds like a similar expereince to me, except it was my penis that received the attention.

that must be painful an embrassing

Always painful which gave value to the lessons. can be embarrassing depending on who watches or participates. Mom had no concerns for my modesty and exposed me to very young to very old male and female, so yes at times and many of them were embarrassing.

i know when i got spank mom did it in front of who ever was there she didnt care one bit at all get them down now an over my knees young man an that was even when iwas teen also

that's pretty drastic for a boy of you age and of course, to have your sister do them.
This would also be, not only VERY painful but also VERY embarrassing.
Still, it taught you to respect your sisters (and other young ladies) and I imagine that you took care of them very good as the 3 of you got bigger. All in all, I imagine that you have turned out quite well.


Yes, I am now very respectful towards all females

It's the right punishment for any boy before puberty ... and even after puberty. Makes for a better family ;)

why do you feel its right punishment for boy interesting

Wow that is too extreme even for me, glad you are alright

Ouch, that sounds painful, but kinda hot too

I will certainly go check them out! :)

OUCH ! :-(

She really got you by the balls.
Balls to the wall, man!
You're mom had a ball.
A Pirate walks into a bar, goes up to the bartender and orders a drink. The bartender asks "Do you know you have a steering wheel in your pants?" The Pirate replies " Argh! It's driving me nuts!"

Sounds like she knew how to keep you in line, though it seems like she had issues.

I'm sorry your mum was such a b&*ch, you didn't deserve that. I guess she was messed up and I imagine it messed your sisters up too. I hope you make a full recovery, physically and emotionally.


I like the ******** aspect but not the Balls punishment. Did you ever consider writing to the Geneva convention cos that was cruel and unusual. (as well as probably hot)

Did that have any effect on your reproductive abilities?

Not that I am aware of yet. I have not had any tests performed and still single so the true test has not been available either.

Owch, that's harsh!

this sounds more like a fantasy than reality but that is what you call rough punishment in the extreme