I don't have any balls but I was in the middle of a bar room brawl and I was just minding my own business and a girl walks up to me and kicks me in the baby maker :-(
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I'll kiss it better for you

maybe not

There should be a term for this, but I am having trouble coming up with a word that rhymes with punt.

Ouch you ok

It still hurts just as much tho from what I've heard

It hurt so bad I started crying

I walked all the way home still holding my crotch


When I got home I sort of ran into my room and checked out where i was kicked no permanent damage at least I was still whole

You should of gave her the old one two

I was all pre occupied with the pain no time to think about getting even

I see your a very calm person then because my temper would of gotten the better of me so I wouldn't feel the pain

If I was more in control I would have walked up to her and yanked on her bra or reached for inside her bra and pinched her nipple :)

Her blouse was almost a strapless would have been good to pull it down exposing her boobs

This is exciting 😜

Mmmmmm yeah! Pinch and pull her nipple hard :)

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